About Us

AgGateway is a non-profit consortium of businesses serving the agriculture industry, with the mission to promote, enable and expand eBusiness in agriculture.

Our long-term vision is that AgGateway will be the trusted source for enabling eAgriculture.

Why AgGateway

Expanding eConnectivity is essential to many facets of modern ag production, including efficient use of manpower, strategic planning, business management, just-in-time inventory, traceability and sustainability (waste reduction, water management, resource allocation).

AgGateway enables eConnectivity as a means to:

  • improve business processes
  • help deliver excellent customer service
  • streamline the supply chain
  • support greater productivity and sustainable agricultural practices.

About AgGateway

AgGateway currently has more than 230 member companies working on eConnectivity activities within eight major segments:

Each segment forms a council that operates autonomously within the overall guidelines of AgGateway. The structure allows the councils to determine their own eBusiness priorities and activities. They are responsible for funding their own projects, and each council elects its own leadership (chair and vice-chair), and appoints a representative to the Operational Management Board.

How We Do It

AgGateway is effective because it brings together people in a collaborative process, within and across agricultural sectors. Our working groups don’t just establish industry-wide solutions, but also implement them so that eConnectivity becomes a working reality.

AgGateway Brochure

Check out the AgGateway brochure, "The Power of eConnectivity."

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