Welcome to the AgGateway Calendar. This is a Google calendar, which means you can import events to your own personal Google calendar and, if you have permission, you can edit and create events. If you are a Committee Chair, Board Member or a Council Chair, please contact Member Services at if you need to get access to the calendar. You will need to have a Gmail account before you can use the calendar.  Here is a link to learn more about how to use Google Calendar. If you prefer seeing a video explanation of the features and functions of Google Calendar, here is a link to videos.

NOTE:  This calendar is set to US  CENTRAL STANDARD TIME. When setting up a meeting be sure to use Central Time Zone as your meeting time. The calendar will adjust the time zone on your personal calendar, but always double check to make sure your event's time is set correctly. Adding the other time zones to the DETAILS section of your event will also ensure attendees are aware ot the time differential.

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