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AgGateway Newsletter
January/February 2016 AgGateway Newsletter Volume 10 Number 1
eConnectivity Matters
The Promise and Challenges of the New Year
By Wendy Smith AgGateway President and CEO

Wendy SmithI love the beginning of a new year. In my mind I see a blank slate where I can write anything I want and the possibilities are endless. I think of the things I want to change or get done – this is the year when I will lose that 10 pounds! Clean out my garage (currently stuffed to the eaves)! Become organized and efficient, and a truly awesome human being! Of course, the reality is a little bit different. The slate is not truly blank; we sometimes bring with us a lot of baggage and tasks left undone from the previous year. Our goals may not be realistic, the current environment may not be conducive to achieving them, or we may not have the capability or opportunity – or motivation, to make it happen. So, when it comes to AgGateway and eAgriculture, how do we achieve our resolutions and goals in 2016?

First, we need to believe we are capable of effecting change. I think we can check that one off, since you probably would not be engaged with AgGateway if you were not interested in improving current processes and activities to achieve greater efficiency, productivity and profitability!
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AgGateway News
AgGateway Announces 2016 Board of Directors and Committee Leadership
By Susan Ruland, AgGateway Communications Director

AgGateway’s 2016 board of directors met last week in St. Louis to discuss plans and priorities for 2016, and to conduct their first board meeting. The leadership of the seven councils discussed ways to work together, energize the membership, and communicate out to the industry in order to further AgGateway’s mission to promote, enable and expand eAgriculture. “We’re fortunate to be guided by such a strong, dedicated and talented group of leaders as we move into the new year,” said AgGateway President and CEO Wendy Smith. “Listening to these leaders plan and work together, it’s clear it will be a dynamic year for the organization.” More than 230 companies are now members of the organization, and a new council – the Specialty Chemical Council – has just been added to the organization’s focus areas. Click here to see the 2016 board and committee leadership.

New Member Spotlight
AgGateway Welcomes TeeJet to Precision Ag and Crop Protection Councils
By Natasha Lilly Effingham Equity, Communications Committee Chair

TeeJet LogoWe warmly welcome TeeJet Technologies to AgGateway. TeeJet is a world leader in agriculture spraying, and the core of its business is producing spray nozzles. It also produces boom components, strainers, valves, manifolds spray guns, as well as a line of precision application controls, guidance and steering systems, and data management tools. This company and its products have been part of agriculture applications since the 1940s. The company’s components and systems are sold worldwide and cover a variety of applications including spraying, fertilizer application and seeding. » Continue Reading

ADAPT Committee News
ADAPT Committee Asking for Feedback and Plugin Plans
By Mark Stelford Premier Crop, Chair of the ADAPT Oversight Committee

Eliminating one of the key "pain points" to broad use of precision agriculture data is on the horizon. The agriculture industry, through AgGateway has a shared vision where customers can easily use the precision ag software and hardware products of their choice to analyze, plan and implement their operations without worrying about the data format. Several years of collaboration among those in the industry has led to the development of ADAPT, a codex that allows the seamless utilization of the data irrespective of the original format.

The ADAPT product (Agricultural Data Application Programming Toolkit) has reached an exciting milestone; The first version of the framework is targeted for release this year! The use of the ADAPT framework allows for the various systems to focus on reading/writing to a common digital data format, reducing the software development investment for the participating companies, as well as reducing the potential for errors in data exchange between systems. For example, this interoperability allows a digital work order or prescription generated in a Farm Management Information System (FMIS) to be loaded for proper execution into a self-propelled farm machine's Mobile Implement Control System (MICS), and then prepares the resulting digital record of work accomplished so it can be read into the user's FMIS.…all without re-keying or re-entry. » Continue Reading

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AGIIS Update
Making New Year’s Tweaks to AGIIS – and Providing Input on ResponsibleAg
By Chris Crutchfield Member Services

Chris CrutchfieldThe New Year brings a renewed spirit for self-improvement, the pursuit of changes that will benefit you in the long run. That’s why now is a great time to think about improvements you can make to the Ag Industry Identification System (AGIIS) – and many of them are relatively small and easy edits. After all, like new year’s tweaks to a financial plan or personal exercise goal, it’s often the small improvements made over time that make for a great result. Over the years, many incremental and continual improvements have made AGIIS what it is today, the recognized source for industry unique identifiers.  » Continue Reading

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AgGateway Global Network
2015 Put “Global” in AgGateway Global Network!
By Jim Wilson AgGateway Standards Director, and AgGateway Global Network EVP

Global Network LogoWhile 2015 was a challenging year for the agriculture industry, AgGateway Global Network made major strides. It opened offices in London, helped form AgGateway Europe, helped establish an AgGateway Latin America formation group, and gained a better understanding of opportunities in other regions.

AgGateway Europe agreed to launch two projects once sufficient core membership has been confirmed. A membership drive is underway, pointing toward an early spring (northern hemisphere) meeting. The two projects are the Identity Project and the SPADE Europe Project. The Identity Project will address European agriculture’s most pressing identification needs, likely starting with unique identifiers for companies in the supply chain, ship-to locations and products. SPADE Europe will look to build upon work done in AgGateway’s (North America) SPADE Project, now in its third phase. AgGateway members are welcome to attend the upcoming meeting. The date and location will be announced soon. » Continue Reading

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AIDC Technology
Make 2016 the Year of Barcoding Your Products with Resources from GS1 US
By Michele Southall GS1 US

To introduce your product into the supply chain and/or gain efficiencies throughout the distribution process, an important step is to define identifier structures for your products that can be used throughout all segments of the agricultural industry for shipping, receiving, inventory control, product and asset tracking, and many other applications.

Tracking and tracing product movement at low cost and high accuracy is practical by scanning products barcoded per a standard (a GS1 Company Prefix, a Global Trade Item Number®- GTIN®, or a GTIN-14). This standard-based product identification helps ensure that everyone in the supply chain can unambiguously read and use the information encoded in the barcodes. Barcoding products allows for information to be captured immediately once the product is scanned, eliminating the need to manually read and key the information into your systems. This information is not limited to just the identification of the product; it can include additional attributes of the product that are needed by the handler of that product. Beneficial for all members that physically handle the product, barcodes will reduce all the resources required to manually key in the information and to resolve errors caused by mis-keying the data. » Continue Reading

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How to Manage Your Shipping Carrier Selection, Routing and Rating
By Jody Costa Barcoding, Inc., Vice-Chair Allied Providers Council

While attending the logistics session at the AgGateway Annual Conference, one topic that was discussed was how to best manage common carrier relationships. I reached out to a partner of ours, Descartes, to find out more about Transportation Management Solutions (TMS) and how they are impacting businesses today. An article describing TMS is below. Please let the Allied Providers Council know if you’d like to learn more. (Original piece can be found on Descartes Resources; small modifications and changes were made to the extract below.)

Transportation Management System (TMS): The ‘secret sauce’ is more affordable and functional than ever, by Mark Solomon, Senior Editor at DC Velocity

There has been little in the way of advancements, over the past 20 years, as beneficial to the supply chain as Transportation Management Systems, commonly known as TMS. TMS software automates such functions as carrier selection, routing, and rating; in the process, it helps users reduce their shipping and labor costs.» Continue Reading

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In the News
AgGateway in the News
By Kristin Nottingham Software Solutions Integrated, LLC

AgGateway’s new board and “Enabled by” logo have received some nice coverage. Take a look at these articles!

AgGateway announces 2016 board of directors, committee leadership, AGProfessional - December 18, 2015; AgGateway's 2016 board of directors and committee leadership take the non-profit organization into its 11th year in pursuing the mission to promote, enable and expand eBusiness in agriculture. 

AgGateway Launches New Logo for eBusiness Resources, AgWired - December 10, 2015; A new logo is now available for member companies of AgGateway to use in promoting their eBusiness products and services.

Business People, StarTribune – December 20, 2015; AgGateway named David Black board chairman. Black was the vice chairman and is chief information officer at CHS.

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eConnectivity Matters The Promise and Challenges of the New Year

AgGateway News: AgGateway Announces 2016 Board of Directors and Committee Leadership

New Member Spotlight: AgGateway Welcomes TeeJet to Precision Ag and Crop Protection Councils

ADAPT Committee News: ADAPT Committee Asking for Feedback and Plugin Plans

AGIIS Update: Making New Year’s Tweaks to AGIIS – and Providing Input on ResponsibleAg

AgGateway Global Network: 2015 Put “Global” in AgGateway Global Network

AIDC Technology: Make 2016 the Year of Barcoding Your Products with Resources from GS1 US

Logistics: How to Manage Your Shipping Carrier Selection, Routing and Rating

In the News: AgGateway in the News

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