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AgGateway in the News

New Technology Will Merge Farm-Management Data, Syngenta’s Thrive magazine, Summer 2017 – A collaborative project promises to remove the language barrier among different data systems on farms. With AgGateway’s ADAPT, manufacturers can still use their proprietary software, but they can also build plug-ins that allow their systems to translate between their own format and a common data model. In other words, “ADAPT is a translator that allows growers to speak with the rest of the world,” says Tyler McGee, system architect with Syngenta. 

Register now for AgGateway’s Annual Conference, November 6-9 in San Diego, California Farm Forum, August 25, 2017 – Registration is now open for AgGateway’s Annual Conference, “Efficiency-Opportunity-Profitability,” to be held November 6-9 at the Hilton Resort & Spa, San Diego, California.

eConnectivity Helps Retailers Reduce Seed Shrink and Serve Farmers Better, Farm Journal’s AgPro – July 7, 2017; To transition to the electronic barcoding system, Ceres purchased hardware and software and tapped into an AgGateway directory called AGIIS to interface with manufacturers…. “We have seen a return on investment as high as 50-to-1 annually, just in shrink,” [Randy] Fry says. “It only takes about 10 to 12 bags of seed corn lost in a year to pay for the technology.”

ADAPT: Getting devices to all sing from the same sheet, Farm World – July 2017 – Making it easier for farmers to access key data about their operations from a variety of sources is the goal of AgGateway and its ADAPT framework.

AgGateway’s ADAPT Nears Completion, AgWired – Aug 2, 2017; Brent Kemp, Executive VP of AgGateway, and Mark Stelford from Premier Crop Systems and ADAPT committee chair attended last week’s Info Ag Conference in St. Louis to spread the word [about ADAPT].

Making data collection and use easier, Farm Industry News – July 12, 2017; Conservis is integrating with the John Deere Operations Center using the AgGateway ADAPT framework. This is an industry developed common platform for data sharing, and the first implementation of the system by the company. Using the common platform, however, opens the door for Conservis to work with others in the industry, as well.