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Get Ready for the Big Trip

By Josh Wall, AgGateway and AGIIS Product Manager

As a father of two young kids, I understand the importance of preparing and packing well when our family goes on a trip. Over the years, my wife has gradually designated me as the official “Pre-Trip Coordinator,” which basically leaves me in charge of making sure the kids have packed everything they need but not too much or anything inappropriate, such as perishable food or a live animal. This experience has given me a better appreciation for planning that serves me in my professional life. 

As the AgGateway Annual Conference rapidly approaches, I encourage you to set some time aside and prepare for your upcoming trip to Orlando. There are many opportunities to broaden your knowledge base, network with people in agriculture who are also focused on eBusiness, discover solutions for your company’s eConnectivity challenges, and much more. 

The first step begins with reviewing the 2016 Conference Program posted on the conference webpage and evaluating which sessions will benefit you the most. The program provides a wealth of information including the benefits of attending, hotel information, and a detailed conference agenda, which provides an overview of each conference session. Also, have a look at who else is attending conference, and think about who you might want to seek out at refreshment breaks and receptions to discuss your company’s needs and goals for eConnectivity. Come to conference sessions with some ideas in mind that you might want to raise for consideration.

If you’re a first time attendee, I recommend you attend the “First Time Attendee Orientation and Lunch.” Besides getting a free meal, this session will provide you valuable information about AgGateway as an organization. There will also be seasoned AgGateway members present who will provide insight on which sessions to attend and the benefits they themselves have gained by attending the conference.

To help ensure you are making the most of your conference experience, I recommend you download the AgGateway mobile app. This tool will allow you to quickly view the conference agenda and will provide you conference updates as items change.

When you first arrive at the conference, check-in at the Registration Desk, and pick up your name badge. Second, locate Member Services “Live,” which will be located in close proximity to the Registration Desk. At Member Services Live you will find Member Services personnel who can help you navigate the Annual Conference waters and also answer any questions about AgGateway and AgGateway resources. This is a perfect time to update your contact information in the AgGateway Information Management System, ask questions about the Ag Industry Identification System (AGIIS), and understand how to navigate the new “Get Connected” section on the AgGateway website. Member Services Live will be available throughout the conference, and there’s no limit to how many questions you can ask!         

Start your planning and packing now. Conference can be an extremely valuable experience for both you and your company in terms of industry collaboration, connectivity and eBusiness!