New Member Spotlight

Red Wing Software: Ag-Specific Accounting Software

By Natasha Lilly, The Equity and Communications Committee Chair

We are excited to welcome new member Red Wing Software Inc.! Red Wing Software will be joining the Allied Providers Council. These council members play an important role in the agriculture community by conceiving, designing, building, deploying, and supporting electronic management systems and accompanying services. Dick Moore, Red Wing Manager of Development, explained how excited its team is to be involved in the content of the data structure and partnering with other members of the ag industry that standardize that data. Red Wing Software became an AgGateway member after visiting an InfoAg trade show and speaking with other AgGateway members.

Red Wing Software is a software provider with a long history of developing accounting software and financial management software products for the ag industry. Based out of Minnesota since 1979, Red Wing is heavily focused on Big Data and working on the vehicles that move and use that data. The design of this ag-specific accounting software allows progressive producers the ease and ability to manage and measure profitability and efficiency of their operations.

Red Wing Software began because farmers had a problem. Their developers are now tackling the issues of getting the data into the applications quickly and efficiently for the farmer. Producers and growers can easily and efficiently customize their reporting tools to pinpoint the exact data they need to make farm management decisions. Listening and understanding their customers’ needs is part of this innovative ag software provider’s mission statement. Red Wing Software strives to make today’s farming operations more efficient and profitable. Find out more at

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