AGIIS: Spring Cleaning: Time To Review Your Company Roster


Spring Cleaning: Time To Review Your Company Roster

By Chris Crutchfield, AgGateway

Longer days, higher temperatures, NCAA basketball finals… These phenomena can only mean one thing: spring is here! I get excited for this time of year, not only to watch hours of college hoops, but as the season to tackle home improvement projects. One step always comes first, and that’s cleaning out and organizing the garage. It’s amazing how much smoother a project goes when you can find the tool you need and navigate your space without getting tripped up by useless debris.

The same goes for being organized here at work. Having the right information, in the right place, makes every project run smoothly. We began our spring cleaning several weeks ago by asking all AGIIS subscriber administrators to review their user profiles and make necessary updates to user privileges, email addresses and phone numbers, and to ensure that the appropriate users are designated as primary or secondary company contacts. One reason this is so important is that user profiles are often used to generate mailing lists when sending AGIIS communications. When communications are rejected by an organization, Member Services spends a good amount of time trying to determine if the email address on file is valid – like searching for that misplaced tool in the garage. 

Make reviewing your AgGateway company roster part of your annual spring cleaning – it’s much easier than cleaning the garage and only takes a few moments. Let us know if individuals are no longer with your organization, no longer involved in AgGateway or if demographics associated with a member need to be updated. Has a primary or secondary company contact changed? Do you need membership invoices to be sent somewhere other than a primary contact, perhaps an accounting contact? If so, let us know. With your help, we can ensure that you always get timely information on AGIIS projects.

To obtain your company roster, simply contact Member Services at Thank you!