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Welcome Myriad Mobile

By Kristin Nottingham, Software Solutions Integrated, LLC

Agriculture is one of the top focuses of Myriad Mobile, a mobile technology company that works with leading global agriculture companies to provide mobile and web technology solutions. Myriad Mobile has been in business since 2011 and is based out of Fargo, ND. It began as a group of individuals who were heavily interested in working with the ag industry to build mobile technology solutions for this sector. In June 2017, Myriad launched its first product, Bushel, a mobile app platform for elevators and cooperatives to connect with their growers and deliver real-time actionable information via a mobile app. 

Peter Schott, a partner at Myriad Mobile, was raised on a family farm and was interested from an early age in the possibilities that technology can bring to agriculture. Peter knows there is a lot of paper involved in the different ag industry sectors, but Myriad has helped groups reduce this paper usage with data collections, allowing users to manage and share the data with architecture and platforms they did not have before mobile technology.

Peter is excited to be involved with AgGateway and the Allied Providers Council. He is passionate about speaking and advocating in the ag industry and says he wants to help people in the industry be better leaders.

“There is so much change happening so quickly, and businesses cannot wait,” he says.

One of Myriad Mobile’s core values includes getting involved in the community by helping to share what they know. This is directly in line with AgGateway, as we work to make the agriculture industry a better place for all who are involved. Another value the company has in common with AgGateway is to bring ideas to the table and ask questions, even if it’s uncomfortable. Many in the AgGateway organization share this exact belief as they strive to expand eBusiness in agriculture.

Peter says that ag professionals are working smarter – not harder, than ever before, and smart farming technologies have enabled these professionals to reduce costs, maximize yields and profits, and still be incredibly efficient in the process. He hopes that Myriad Mobile can help build apps that enable people to farm smarter in the future.

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