New Resources for Implementing the ADAPT Data Model

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New Resources for Implementing the ADAPT Data Model

By Mark Stelford, Premier Crop, and ADAPT Oversight Committee Chair

The ADAPT Oversight Committee has posted a number of new resources this year to help developers get started with AgGateway’s ADAPT. On the ADAPT webpage you’ll find five “Application Notes” to help with implementation. The latest, just posted, is “Getting Started with AgGateway's ADAPT”.

The ADAPT Application Notes document the important concepts related to writing code that utilizes ADAPT data model. They are written from a developer's perspective and are part of the ADAPT minimum viable product.

ADAPT is an open source framework designed with tools to simplify communication between growers, their machines and their partners. If you’d like to get more involved with ADAPT, don’t hesitate to contact the committee at We have two teams – technical and business – that meet regularly, and all are welcome to join.