Share a Success Using Our New, Easy Case Study Template!

Case Studies

Share a Success Using Our New, Easy Case Study Template!

By Susan Ruland, AgGateway Communications Director

Have you completed an implementation in the past few years that has helped your company? AgGateway has launched a case study program to catalogue these achievements. The more we can share specifics about the benefits of getting connected electronically, the more likely others are to join in and implement similar improvements.

Our new case studies – which are just 1 page (2-sided), provide a great topline of key points, especially targeted to describing the benefits of implementation to business executives in our member and prospective member companies.

Please check out the new case study template found on the wiki in the “Communications Committee” section. Plus, we already have two completed “models” for you to follow: Ceres Solutions and Key Cooperative – take a look!

Keep in mind that you can do multiple case studies if you like, if your company has made implementations in non-related areas. I’m here to help you create the case study; If you provide the basic information requested in the template, I’ll put it together for your review. Just email me at

Let’s see how many case studies we can get in our “library” by Mid-Year Meeting 2018!