Allied Providers Are Helping with eConnectivity

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Allied Providers Are Helping with eConnectivity

By Jody Costa, Barcoding, Inc. and Allied Providers Council Chair

Anyone can be overwhelmed when looking for professional IT services, and doing so in the agriculture segment is no different. Thankfully, the Allied Providers Council is by definition a group of organizations and people working to help solve problems and enable eBusiness. The council is comprised of AgGateway member companies that provide professional IT services and products to those in need throughout the agriculture value chain. Each Allied Provider creates an impact with knowledge and experience to any potential integration in and outside of AgGateway projects. For that reason, the council aims for three major tasks:

  1. Staying in sync on AgGateway council and committee activities through active participation;
  2. Promoting new technology and theory within AgGateway membership; and
  3. Advertising service provider capabilities via the AgGateway Member Products and Services Directory (also known as the Allied Providers Matrix).

The AgGateway Member Products and Services Directory is an important asset to the AgGateway community, and is accessible to every member. The listings help companies to promote themselves as professional service providers and at the same time allow for all AgGateway members to evaluate the best of the industry for a particular integration proposal. The Allied Providers Council is also working to continuously improve the directory to deliver its value to the AgGateway community.

Do you or your company provide products or services not already listed in the directory? If yes, then we want you! The Allied Providers Council has a unique role in helping AgGateway enable eBusiness in the industry, and new listings on the Products and Services Directory can be beneficial to your business. As opportunities become available, AgGateway members reach out to their contacts within the Allied Providers Council to support these efforts. The capabilities directory becomes a low-cost, time-saving tool to highlight the capabilities, values and service areas of the Allied Providers and ensures opportunities are effectively captured.

Benefits include:

  • Access to your target audience of key decision makers
  • Opportunities to understand and shape the offerings in your industry
  • Free marketing!!!

The Allied Providers Council then helps create templates, curate the directory, and promote its value to other members. However, content is self-managed, providing you with complete control of your messaging. Companies that utilize AgGateway standards may also be interested in the AgGateway “Enabled By” logo to further demonstrate commitment to industry interoperability.

Please reach out to fellow Allied Providers members or leadership. We look forward to your participation!