eAgriculture Delivers Efficiency, Accuracy and Profitability in Your World!


eAgriculture Delivers Efficiency, Accuracy and Profitability in Your World!

By Randy Fry, Ceres Solutions, LLP and Operational Board Member

The AIDC (Automated Identification Data Capture) Task Force is focused on the development of tools to assist companies like yours in implementing barcoding into operations. Over the past couple of years this AgGateway team has developed an Excel-based value calculator that helps management determine the cost and return of implementing a barcode system; created or shared process documentation to assist with implementation; collaborated with a key European group to set worldwide standards; and created various communication pieces to explain and promote the steps to implementation.

This year, the AIDC Task Force set out to produce a video highlighting barcoding and eConnectivity. We wanted to show real people, using real tools, doing real work, benefitting from eConnectivity. We combined our efforts with the Seed, Ag Retail and Allied Providers Councils. We recruited three Midwest retailers: Co-Alliance, The Equity and Ceres Solutions, along with Monsanto, WinField United and Mycogen, to participate in the filming. We also acquired three sponsors to support the cost of the project, SSI (Agvance), AgVantage Software, and Barcoding, Inc. We went onsite during busy operations time to see how these technologies are really being used. We interviewed the employees who have hands-on experience before and after implementation of the new technologies.

We’re pleased to now unveil the results – a “short story” 2-minute teaser video and a “long story” 15:26-minute video. We hope all AgGateway members will use these videos to communicate about the great benefits of eConnectivity to their internal staff and management, to their customers or suppliers, or to new potential users. So share the links! The true value of the AgGateway mission will be realized when the entire agriculture community implements and uses these tools across the industry. Please take a few minutes to hear the message of eAgriculture!