Business Rules

Harmonizing Business Rules

By Eileen Licitra , Iteris, Inc.

Imagine a digital process where, no matter what segment your business is in, or what segments you partner with or sell to, your eConnectivity business rules were relevant, saved time, and resulted in more satisfied trading partners.

AgGateway is striving for just that!

We invite you to attend the Business Rules Harmonization Task Force Meeting at AgGateway’s Annual Conference next Thursday, November 9. The goal of this task force is to harmonize business rules across all AgGateway councils, and consolidate all business rules into one document that is easy for members to implement. During this special meeting, we will address:

  • Which rules are relevant across all segments and can be adapted across all councils?
  • If we change or modify a rule, what are the potential risks, and how do we mitigate those?
  • How do we help to streamline implementation of business rules?
  • Which rules are unique to a particular segment?
  • How will the Standards & Guidelines Committee oversee and maintain business rules moving forward?

Let your voice be heard! Please plan to attend, actively learn, and participate. For more information regarding the Business Rules Harmonization Task Force Meeting on November 9, contact Lori Edwards at