Leadership Profile

Aaron Berger, Software & Integration Engineer, AgSense, LLC, and Operational Board Representative for the Precision Ag Council

By J. Nolfo, BASF and Communications Committee Chair

How long have you been involved with AgGateway, and what are your current activities with AgGateway?

I started with AgGateway by attending the 2012 Mid-Year Meeting, on the recommendation of my boss. I joined the PAIL (irrigation) Project shortly after. I became PAIL Chair in 2016 and the Operational Management Board representative for the Precision Ag Council this year.

Give us a quick synopsis of your career path – where did you start, and where are you now?

I started working at AgSense in the summer of 2004 as a junior programmer and have moved on to be a senior programmer with oversight of our database and API operations.

Tell us about one or two accomplishments within AgGateway that you’re particularly proud of, as well as how your company benefited.

I am proud of the work that the ADAPT (precision ag framework) and PAIL (irrigation) teams have done. I have gotten to see ADAPT being used in the wild and watched users consume it. It makes me excited for PAIL’s release so that developers can start using it.

What, for you, is the most important thing AgGateway is working on now, and why?

The work of ADAPT and PAIL are the projects that have the greatest effect in my day-to-day job. I am also very interested in the barcoding (AIDC Task Force) and the work they have done.

What do you think are some of the most significant ways eConnectivity will impact agriculture in the years ahead?

The ability for a grower to reliably get data, for all aspects of their operation, will become easier and hopefully more cost effective for them. While I have security concerns about IoT (internet of things), I believe that the basic premise of what it can provide, inexpensive sensors and communication mediums, will allow growers a greater ability to get data from the field. I believe the standards we are working on will help the increased data be consumed.

How has being involved in AgGateway benefited you?

I have always had an interest in agriculture but I do not come from a farming background. AgGateway has help expand my knowledge in more aspects of agriculture than the irrigation field I work in.

Tell us a little about your personal life - family, outside interests, etc.

I am married with one son who is 2 years old and another son due in December. We enjoy the outdoors and I have enjoyed being able to fish with my son and help him learn how to identify the different species of fish.

What would you tell someone else who’s thinking about getting involved with AgGateway?

I would suggest that they attend the Annual Conference or Mid-Year Meeting. I feel that seeing what AgGateway is doing in person and meeting the people involved is the best to see what AgGateway is about and how it can benefit a company.

Thank you for your leadership Aaron!