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Welcome Tronia Systems

By Kristin Nottingham, Software Solutions Integrated, LLC

Tronia Systems is a technology development company tailored toward ag retail since 1986. Located in St. Albert, Alberta, Canada, their software, Agrē, is an integrated financial, agronomy, and blending program with the largest footprint in Canada. Offering their hosted, eSignature, and agronomic services from coast to coast, Tronia Systems has over 400 retailers using their software, including fertilizer and chemical dealerships as well as seed, feed and grain retailers.

Anita Marghella, the Business Development Coordinator at Tronia Systems, said they heard of AgGateway a few years ago while attending different trade shows in the United States. Recently, some of Tronia’s clients were asking about AgGateway because they do some third-party integration with vendors related to the industry.

“AgGateway is becoming a norm nowadays, and this was a good opportunity and timing to get involved,” said Anita.

Anita thinks one challenge when integrating with various partners is that everyone does things their own way. She thinks it is good to see groups such as AgGateway working toward a standard across the industry. Tronia also joined AgGateway to expand their partnership circle and educate themselves on what is in the industry and what the requirements are for connectivity. She wants to make both their lives and their clients’ lives easier.

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