Social Media Update! LinkedIn Group Featured Topic

What Makes a Great Mentor?

By J. Nolfo, BASF and Communications Committee Chair

The AgGateway LinkedIn group is a great place to pose questions for members to answer and share relevant content, articles and other types of information that others within the group – especially AgGateway members – would be interested in.

The Communications and Membership Committees want members to get more involved in our LinkedIn group, so we have started featuring a new question every month. This month’s featured question comes from Denice Foster, Chair of the Membership Committee, who is also responsible for the mentoring program.

The Membership Committee wants to know what you think makes a good mentor and why that quality (or qualities) make for a good mentor?

Have an idea or suggestion? Post it on the group at

If you are not a member of the group, you won’t be able to post. But joining is easy! Just click on the “Ask to Join” button, and someone from the Social Media Working Group will approve you. You will get notified of the approval, and then you can answer the question.

While you are there, invite your first-degree LinkedIn connections that might see value in the AgGateway group to join. They do not need to be AgGateway member organizations or participants. In fact, I would suggest that if they are not, that would be better! You can also add content that is related to AgGateway, any of our councils, agriculture or data connectivity.

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