Three AgGateway Members Featured in Farm Journal’s AgPro Podcasts

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Three AgGateway Members Featured in Farm Journal’s AgPro Podcasts

By Susan Ruland AgGateway Communications Director

AgGateway members Ann Vande Lune of Key Cooperative, Ben Craker of Ag Data Coalition and Natasha Lilly of The Equity were featured in recent podcasts in Farm Journal’s AgPro, talking about the benefits of AgGateway involvement and the importance of the being done work at AgGateway.

Among their comments:

Craker:  “No one company is capable of all things to all farmers when it comes to technology. Farmers should have a choice on equipment and technologies, but being able to connect all of those different technologies and have them talk to each other is key. We partnered with AgGateway to come together and use the same standards to bring data together. Fuse Technologies, AGCO’s approach to precision ag, has a strategy to get technology pieces to work together. Connectivity for farmers and their data is a must in today’s world of precision agriculture.”

Vande Lune:  “Joining the AgGateway Seed Connectivity Project gave us the ability to connect  electronically with our seed and chemical manufacturers. Electronic ship notices, invoices, price sheets and orders are all connected directly to our manufacturers. That, in turn, allows us to know exactly what products we have at our facilities, when they will be arriving and when they are delivered. We have cut our entry time in our agronomy department by two-thirds. Employees are spending much less time worrying about inventory and more time concentrating on the needs of our customers.”

Lilly:  “We constantly look for ways to improve existing processes in order to pass those savings and efficiencies to our customers. As we began implementing more technology in connectivity, we noticed immediately the accuracy, efficiency and profitability it brought us and our customers. AgGateway standards are key to having smooth relationships with our manufacturers. All of our manufacturers and distributors have their products barcoded and indexed in a standardized way. Today, we are 100% perpetual inventory and extremely efficient.”

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Thanks Ben, Ann and Natasha for spreading the word about AgGateway and our mission!