Member Services

Plug Me In!

By Chris Crutchfield AgGateway Member Services

Trying to determine how your organization can get the most out of your AgGateway experience this year? If you’re just getting started, there are several questions that may cross your mind, such as “What projects are currently underway and how do I get involved?”, “Do any of my trading partners participate in AgGateway?”, “What is digital agriculture?” and “How do I get started?” One easy way to get the answers is to give us a call at AgGateway Member Services. Member Services is a one-stop, centralized resource for AgGateway members. We can provide answers to questions about membership, where to find AgGateway tools and resources, and questions about the projects that are either underway, on the horizon, or already completed.

The Member Services team is a starting point that will enable your organization to “plug in”, allowing you to get the most value from your membership. Member Services will get you connected to the right people and resources to help you establish eConnectivity with trading partners, implement AgGateway Standards, or find opportunities to network and collaborate with other companies facing the same challenges as you.

The Member Services team also offers several educational opportunities throughout the year to promote engagement in AgGateway. We reach out to new members to better understand their individual needs in joining AgGateway. In doing so, we help address any immediate needs and ensure that the organizations are plugged-in with the appropriate AgGateway councils, committees, projects and working groups. Additionally, every quarter we conduct a member orientation webinar for anyone who would like a briefing on the AgGateway basics. This one-hour session, organized by the AgGateway Membership Committee, covers everything from the AgGateway organizational and operating structure to where various resources are located. The next orientation webinar is scheduled for April 24 at 2:00 pm ET. Click here to register.

Finally, at the AgGateway Mid-Year and Annual Meetings, Member Services is always on site to provide support and information regarding the latest AgGateway news and to present the latest educational opportunities.

Are you ready to plug in? Take the first step today and contact Member Services at or at +1 866.251.8618 to get the most out of your AgGateway membership!