Don’t Miss the Quick Connect Session To Jump-Start eConnectivity

Quick Connect

Don’t Miss the Quick Connect Session To Jump-Start eConnectivity and its Benefits

By Natasha Lilly, The Equity, and Ag Retail Council Chair

As you register for Mid-Year Meeting, make sure you also consider signing up for the “Quick Connect” session, featuring face-to-face meetings between you and your trading partners.

Register now by contacting Member Services at

The Quick Connect Session will take place June 12, 1:00-5:20 pm. The session gives ag retailers, distributors, manufacturers and their software vendors the opportunity to meet and determine next steps in establishing electronic connections, These connections streamline transactions in such areas as price sheets, sales reporting, ordering/bookings, delivery, invoicing and inventory management, in order to cut costs, and to boost efficiency, accuracy and productivity.

We decided to put together this Quick Connect session based on the success of the “Seed Quick Connect” at AgGateway’s Annual Conference last fall. Many participants found that session to be valuable in terms of setting up a plan of action for getting connections implemented.

The Quick Connect session in June will include an overview of eConnectivity and what some of the challenges are in making connections. Participants will also have the opportunity to talk with companies who have made connections, who can advise them on how to get started. Organizations involved in the session planning include the Ag Retailers Association, The Equity, Growmark, Ceres Solutions, Syngenta, Elemica, WinField/United, Co-Alliance, Key Cooperative, and Land O' Lakes. All companies are welcome to participate and set up meetings.

To register for the Quick Connect Session, contact AgGateway’s Member Services at or (+1) 866-251-8618. The Quick Connect Session is included in registration for Mid-Year Meeting, so all participants will also need to register for Mid-Year Meeting (see this weblink).