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This month we saw media coverage of another AgGateway case study – this one with Growmark – in our series with Farm Journal Media. Thanks to the folks at Growmark for spreading the word about AgGateway Standards! Another recent article of interest features a dialogue with Purdue’s Dennis Buckmaster on the AEM website.

AgGateway Digital Ag In Action: Benefits Business and Co-Op Members, Oct 29, 2018 — Today, 65% of Growmark’s crop protection orders and 60% of the crop nutrient orders are sent using AgGateway standards and electronic connectivity. Click here to read the full case study. Growmark began automating business processes more than 10 years ago, and connectivity is now standard operating procedure at the company. New business partners are expected to be able to connect electronically. This article is part of AgGateway's case study series on digital agriculture, a partnership with Farm Journal Media.

Q&A: Digital Agriculture and the Future with Purdue University’s Dennis Buckmaster
Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) blog, October 29, 2018 — “There are standards efforts underway, in organizations like AEM, ISO, AgGateway, the Open Ag Data Alliance. But we do need to move these efforts faster than they’ve ever moved before, because the problems are outpacing our ability to solve them…. “when we need to make data, sensor systems and analytics work across companies, that really requires some collaboration that allows that company to consume the data that my equipment might be generating, as an example. And so just as the internet was built on open source technologies that allowed things to be compatible without too much effort, that’s what we need to do in agriculture. Instead of proprietary silos, we need to at least release APIs so we can have data exchanged—so that I’m not manually handling, in my email and on flash drives, countless files.”