Precision Ag

Rolling Out New Solutions in Precision Ag

By Jessica Trites Rolle, NCIS

The Precision Ag Council has released several new flyers to share with members at the AgGateway Annual Conference. These include:

  • The Observations & Measurements flyer describes the problem of capturing accurate quantitative and qualitative observations about processes in the agricultural value chain – a process that is critically important, but very difficult. Retaining the meaning of data shared with partners and even within organizations is particularly hard. Therefore, AgGateway developed an agricultural implementation of the ISO 19156 standard for observations and measurements. This is now ASABE / ANSI US National Standard S632-2. The system includes a central repository for definitions of data variables plus a simple process for adding entries.
  • The ContextItems flyer describes AgGateway’s solution to the problem of farm management software keeping up with the changing data-collection needs of different geographies. AgGateway created the ContextItem system, which provides a central repository for definitions of data variables that are specific to a place or “geopolitical context.” It is extensible and easy to add to your software.
  • Updated ADAPT Framework Flyer: The updated flyer shares the benefits of adopting ADAPT, and provides valuable links to further information about ADAPT supporters at
  • New PAIL Flyer: This flyer encourages the implementation of the new irrigation standard by outlining the many benefits for improvements in irrigation management. The flyer also encourages companies to participate in phase 2 of the PAIL Project, to extend the improvements to other aspects of water management.

Pick up the flyers at the registration desk at Annual Conference, and start using these valuable new AgGateway resources in your business!