Portfolio Management Center

Portfolio Management Center

The Portfolio Management Center (PMC) tracks AgGateway activities, including Working Group progress and broader AgGateway initiatives. The PMC consists of a group of volunteer leaders supported by the Portfolio Manager and other staff.

AgGateway members set the priorities and decide what work to undertake. If members have an idea, they can arrange with Member Services (Member.Services@AgGateway.org) to discuss that idea with the membership through a Meet-Up. If members decide to create a Working Group, staff will help facilitate that process and the PMC will monitor the work.

Working Groups
This is where members produce digital resources, which is intended to occur within a short period of time. The goal is for members to propose work that can be broken down into sections of manageable scope and complete the deliverables within a few weeks.

  • Take a look! AgGateway Standards Director Jim Wilson has set up a detailed section on the AgGateway wiki that explains how to establish and run a Working Group, including helpful videos that explain each step. Members are encouraged to review the section!
  • Staff Support: AgGateway staff will help schedule and promote Working Group meetings. Because the meetings themselves are focused on work product, the Working Group members will document their work and take meeting minutes.

When members want to meet to discuss a pain point or idea, or just to brainstorm on a topic or set of topics, they can ask Member Services to schedule a “Meet-Up”. A Meet-Up can be a conference call or face-to-face meeting to bring together AgGateway members who are interested in a specific topic, or to discuss pain points in a particular sector (e.g., crop protection).