Benefits of AgGateway Membership

Connections that go to your bottom line

Streamline information exchange, eliminate manual data entry, maximize your use of human resources, enable traceability, and provide the rapid, accurate information both you and your customers need. 

Strengthen relationships with trading partners

Strengthen relationships with trading partners at the table, and forge relationships with potential new business partners.

Help create the standards you need

Shape new standards and processes to best fit your organizational needs.

Get early access to new standards

First access to emerging standards so your company will know how to leverage them for maximum benefit.

Enjoy members-only benefits

Access to Members-only resources to assist in implementing digital agriculture — global resources that are widely accepted and used in the industry today.

Get discounts for AgGateway meetings

Reduced costs for AgGateway meeting registrations. One pre-paid discounted registration to Annual Conference for most member tiers. Ability to "invite a trading partner" to any meeting at a greatly reduced rate.


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Why Join AgGateway

eBusiness in agriculture isn’t just about efficiency and cost-savings – It’s actually essential to many facets of modern ag production, including:

  • Better management of inventory
  • Traceability
  • Sustainability (waste reduction, better resource allocation)
  • Efficient use of manpower

Benefits of being an AgGateway member and enabling eBusiness include:

  • More efficient and accurate reporting, using less staff time
  • Better, more rapid service to customers
  • Quicker and more accurate inventory management
  • Significant cost reductions

…these are just some of the benefits reported by companies participating in AgGateway.

Who Should Join AgGateway?

You should explore AgGateway membership if your company is doing business within the agriculture industry and you want to achieve the benefits gained when companies collaborate to share information electronically. It's important to have input from both the Business and Information Technology sides of your business in order to ensure that business needs are being met. 

How to Join AgGateway

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