AgGateway's AgGlossary

AgGateway's is:

A one-stop location for agriculture terms, definitions, acronyms, key words, and synonyms

Publicly available for use by all agriculture segments, or anyone in search of this information

A tool that supports accurate communication and improved understanding between segments of agriculture and agribusiness

A wiki that uses an ontological structure and authorization process to establish the credibility and source of its terms.

How to use the Glossary

Visit and use the Search box.

Browse an alphabetical list of All Terms.

Browse by category by clicking Authorization Path.


AgGateway follows an established process to:

  • Gather terms and definitions from all of agriculture
  • Identify and classify the authority value of an agriculture term and definition
  • Publish terms and definitions that are credible and accurate
  • Maintain public access to the glossary so everyone can have access to terms and definitions used in agriculture.

Organizations that have contributed terms or expressed interest in contributing to the glossary include ASABE, several USDA agencies, AEM, ISO, FFSC, and others.

Terms of use is publicly available for anyone to use. Contributors or contributing organizations will be asked to file a “permission to use” letter with AgGateway.

Contributions and Edits

To contribute a single term:

  • Visit
  • In the left-hand menu, click the link to Contribute a term.
  • Fill out the online submission form for a single term.
  • When you Submit your term, it will be routed to AgGateway’s glossary team for processing.
  • You will be alerted when it becomes available on

To contribute a collection of terms:

We can use a variety of methods to make it easy for your organization to share existing lists of terms and definitions that you have created or collected. This includes (but is not limited to):

  • Links to existing glossaries on the web
  • Password-controlled access to existing databases
  • Hardcopy glossaries that have been scanned and submitted to us electronically
  • Excel spreadsheets

Submissions do not have to be in a specific layout or format, but they should include:

  • The term (individual word or phrase)
  • The definition
  • The specific source of the term or phrase (the location of the term and the source where it was documented).

To suggest an edit:

The wiki interface will allow you to suggest edits. We have vetted and corrected the base set of terms that are available online today, and we also know that experts like you can make it even better.


Questions? Contact Member Services at or +1 866-251-8618.