Digital Foundations

Digital Foundations

Interoperability and data exchange rely on basic standards, tools and vocabularies. These resources provide a digital foundation upon which business messages are built and by which field data can be collected and interpreted.

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Committees, Task Forces, Working Groups

Ag Industry Identification System (AGIIS):  AgGateway's AGIIS service, which houses basic agricultural eBusiness reference data, is managed by the Directory Oversight Committee. The Committee works to guide maintenance and improvements to this robust resource system used daily by hundreds of agribusinesses.

ADAPT: AgGateway’s ADAPT toolkit is designed to eliminate the major pain points to broad use of precision agriculture data by easily enabling interoperability between different software and hardware applications. ADAPT is an open source project, managed by AgGateway ADAPT Oversight Committee, with the goal of ensuring broad adoption.

Agri-semantics: This AgGateway Working Group focuses on documenting and recommending extensions to data in order to define interoperable meanings for data. The scope is around metadata, as opposed to format definitions. The output from this group informs other Working Groups. A resource managed by this group is the AgGlossary, a one-stop location for agriculture terms, definitions, acronyms, key words, and synonyms.

Business Rules: An AgGateway team has worked on harmonizing eBusiness rules across various sectors, in order to facilitate implementation of digital assets now and in the future.