About Us

AgGateway is a global, non-profit organization whose members develop standards and other resources so that companies can rapidly access information. The result:

  • Cost savings from more efficient business processes
  • Inventory management/traceability
  • Interoperability in field operations
  • Ability to leverage data to increase profitability and sustainability.

No other group is doing what AgGateway does: We provide a unique, global forum across industry sectors, so that companies can meet to solve digital challenges for agriculture and related industries.

Our Mission

To promote and enable the industry’s transition to digital agriculture and expand the use of information to maximize efficiency and productivity.

Our Long Term Vision

AgGateway is the trusted leader in facilitating digital agriculture, enabling our members to create value through digital connectivity and seamless exchange of information.

Our Membership

AgGateway’s 200 member companies include ag retailers, distributors, manufacturers (equipment, seed, crop nutrition, crop protection, etc.), grain and feed companies, precision ag providers, specialty chemical manufacturers, and software and data service providers.

Our associate members include leading industry trade associations, international standards groups, state/regional agencies, and members of academia focused on data exchange issues.

Our three current regions are North America, Europe and Latin America, with growing interest in Asia and Oceania.