Organization & Leadership

Organization & Leadership

AgGateway reorganized in 2020 to facilitate agile, cross-sector, global solutions. This was done in part through the creation of the Portfolio Management Center and Digital Resource Center.  

As members identify initiatives, the Portfolio Management Center fosters the development of those ideas through Working Groups, where they become new digital resources for the industry. Then, the Digital Resource Center ensures that new resources are maintained and easy to access.

With the help of the Portfolio Management Center and Digital Resource Center, all members can quickly find information on the current status of AgGateway initiatives and resources, in all AgGateway global regions.

The AgGateway structure is also designed to promote collaboration across geographic regions and industry sectors. The work of each region is overseen by a Steering Committee.

2021 Board of Directors

Name Role Company
Adriano Becker Chair CNH
Doug Farrington Vice Chair  BASF  
Jeremy W. Wilson Past Chair EFC Systems  
Karen Thomas Treasurer Southern States Cooperative  
Teddy Bekele
WinField United  
Scott Charbo
Nutrien Ag Solutions
Jacob Crow   GROWMARK  
Bruno Albuquerque Lucio

Fritz Schuster    Lexagri SAS    
Feroz Sheikh
Wendy Smith   AgGateway  

2021 Steering Committee — North America

Name Company
Ann Vande Lune, Chair Key Cooperative
Mike Carrabine, Vice-Chair International Raw Materials (IRM)
Dennis Daggett Enterprise Ag Strategies
Dan DiMicco BASF
Stephanie Frazier Corteva
Philip Kubesh Vita Plus
Mike Kuhn Nutrien Ag Solutions
Scott Nieman Land O'Lakes
Dan Willey Wilbur Ellis
Brent Kemp North America Regional Director, AgGateway

2021 Steering Committee — Europe

Name Company
Feroz Sheikh, Chair Syngenta
Gilles Begue SMAG
Joachim Crombez  Proagrica
Paul Frost Frontier Agriculture
Udo Kaempf BASF SE
John Lord DTN
Francesco Martire Tierra - Topcon
Jens Moeller Agrirouter
Andrew Olliver CNH Industrial
Bruno Prepin Agro EDI Europe
Bernhard Schmitz AGCO Corp
Fritz Schuster Lexagri SAS
Conny Graumans Europe Regional Director, AgGateway

2021 Steering Committee — Latin America

Name Company
Bruno Albuquerque Lucio, Chair Topcon
Warsis Slywitch, Vice-Chair Tecgraf
Felipe Santos John Deere
Marcelo Abreu de Oliveira Venturus
José Alexandre Loyola  Latin America Regional Director, AgGateway 

2021 Committees

Name Role
ADAPT Oversight
Dan Danford CNH Chair (Business)
Kelly Nelson FarmBelt North Co-Chair (Technical)
Stuart Rhea AgConnections Co-Chair (Technical)
Michael Carrabine IRM Chair
Susan Ruland AgGateway
Conference (North America)
Scott Meredith ACS Chair
Directory Oversight (AGIIS)
Jeff Maxwell CF Industries Enterprises, LLC Chair
Standards & Guidelines
Charles Hillyer CSU Fresno

Our Staff

Member Services

Member Services (includes AGIIS help desk)

Direct all inquiries to Member Services

+1 866.251.8618

Wendy Smith

+1 202.742.5967 ext. 4

Brent Kemp Executive VP and COO
North America Regional Director

+1 202.742.5967 ext. 14

Jim Wilson Chief Technology Officer

+1 202.742.5967 ext. 5

Conny Graumans Europe Regional Director

+31 6 4303-8612
José Loyola Latin America Regional Director

+55 14 99810-1900
Leslie Hedges
Director of Member Relations

+1 202.742.5967 ext. 18
Josh Wall

AGIIS Product Manager

+1 913.469.8700

or +1 913.620.8434


Dan Berne
Portfolio Manager

+1 202.742.5967 ext. 17

Kristi Block
Manager, Member Implementation & Digital Research

+1 202.742.5967 ext. 15

Chris Crutchfield Member Services Program Manager

+1 866.251.8618

Nikki Marshall Member Services Analyst

+1 866.251.8618

Meri Kotlas Web Media Support and Graphic Design Specialist

+1 202.742.5967 ext. 8

Kimberly Chauche

 Administrative Assistant

+1 737.471.1817

Paula Shaw

Accounting, A/P, A/R

+1 202.742.5967 ext.7

Susan Summers Accounting

+1 202.742.5967 ext. 19