Working Groups

Working Groups

Working Groups are the engines of value creation in AgGateway. Member companies identify industry pinch points or opportunities for improving efficiency, and come together under AgGateway’s antitrust-compliant structure to develop, deploy and implement digital resources that address their needs.

AgGateway intends for most Working Groups to be short-term in duration. Members should propose work that can be broken into sections of manageable scope, so that ideally the group can complete the deliverables within a few weeks.

AgGateway members can view a current list of working groups and sign up to join a working group, here.

Joining a Working Group

All members are welcome to join AgGateway Working Groups. To do so, they must contact Member Services to affirmatively join, in accordance with AgGateway’s digital resource development process and patent policy. Therefore, as a matter of course, Working Group meetings are not open to non-participants - those who have not taken this step. If you’d like to join a group, contact Member Services at

Have an Idea for a New Working Group?

If you’d like to call a meeting to discuss pain points or ideas for a Working Group, or to schedule a meeting for an existing Working Group, complete this form. Member Services will confirm the invitee list with you, set up a Go To Meeting, and send out meeting invitations. When it is time for your meeting, Member Services will launch the call, ensure the AgGateway anti-trust policy is communicated and agreed to by all participants before giving control to the meeting leader and dropping off the call.

Questions about the meeting form or process? Contact Member Services at, or call us at 1-866-251-8618.