Tap Into AgGateway

Tap Into AgGateway

Get the Most from Your Membership

AgGateway invites you to create, engage and grow with digital connections. Use this checklist to make sure you’re getting the most from your membership!

1. I’m Involved

  • Have you reviewed the various committees and working groups to make sure you’re involved in activities relevant to your company’s business goals?
  • Are you talking with other members about the pain points that your company would like the industry to address?


  • Review the Current Activities section of AgGateway.org to determine if there are working groups you want to join.
  • Review the descriptions of AgGateway’s committees to see if there’s a committee you should join. (Need a Wiki password? Contact Member Services)
  • Initiate a “Meet-Up” so that you and colleagues can explore how to address a concern your company is facing. Contact Member Services or use the Request a Meeting link on the website.
  • Keep an eye on the AgGateway email notices and the Calendar of Events for meetings you should join.

2. I’m Maximizing the Networking Opportunities AgGateway Offers

  • Are you attending the AgGateway Annual Conference and Mid-Year Meeting? Are you making sure other key members of your company attend?
  • Are you sharing your views in conference calls, building relationships with others as you seek solutions?
  • Are you seeking out members to connect with when it would benefit your mutual goals?


  • Register early for AgGateway conferences. When the staff provides a roster of who is attending, look for companies and individuals you’d like to talk with, and reach out to those fellow members.
  • Get involved – Follow the tips in item #1 to maximize networking opportunities.

3. I’m Finding Out How AgGateway Can Support My Company’s Goals

  • Each member company has its own digital priorities, needs and peculiarities. Have you talked with an AgGateway staff member about ways to use AgGateway resources and activities to address your specific needs?


  • Set up a call with Member Services or a senior staff member to share your company’s goals and explore which AgGateway resources and activities could best meet your needs.

4. I’m Making Digital Connections

  • Have you been looking for ways to increase the digital connections of your company (or as applicable, those of your trading partners)? Not sure where to start?


5. I’m Using AgGateway Resources

  • Are you maximizing your use of AgGateway’s many resources? That includes standards, guidelines, tools, the AgGlossary, ADAPT toolkit, the Ag Industry Identification System (AGIIS), and much more.


  • Review the various resources listed in the Get Connected drop-down menu on the website, which includes helpful training videos, flyers and implementation notes, etc. Contact Member Services if you need help accessing or understanding any of these valuable digital resources.
  • More about AgGateway: Need to talk about AgGateway to others but can’t find the words? Want to see what others are doing, and how they are implementing AgGateway resources? Use the Communications Kit, where you’ll find helpful case studies, brochures, flyers, videos and other materials.

Questions? Just Ask! Call or email Member Services anytime! Member.Services@AgGateway.org or +1 866-251-8618