About AgGateway

Thank you for your interest in our work here at AgGateway!

When leading manufacturers and organizations work together to develop and bring technology advances to market that improve efficiency, sustainability, and profitability, we all benefit. However, the vast potential of these innovations can only be fully realized when systems are seamlessly interoperable.

This is the focus of AgGateway, a global, non-profit organization that identifies and works through solutions for agriculture’s most significant connectivity pain points.

We do this in conjunction with our more than 200 member organizations, who provide capital and volunteers from within their own companies to work collectively and develop solutions. This is difficult and time-consuming work, but essential if our businesses are expected to effectively compete and thrive in the years ahead.

Seamless digital connectivity allows manufacturers, retailers, and farmers to operate at peak efficiency, to understand more about the land, soil, and water they utilize, and to meet the data requirements of emerging and evolving sustainability and carbon programs.

Below, you’ll find links to information that will provide a clearer picture of what we do at AgGateway. If you’d like to hear more or would like to schedule a call to discuss our work and future plans in more detail, please reach out to Portfolio Manager Ben Craker via email using this link.

1. Process Efficiency: A Core Mission

Creating efficiency and improving the value of innovation is what digital connectivity is all about, and at the core of AgGateway’s mission. This brief video provides more insight on how this fits into Modern Agriculture:

The Power of Process Efficiency from Jim Wilson on Vimeo.

2. Targeted Initiatives

AgGateway listens carefully to the industry and its member companies, and gains consensus around the most important issues facing the agriculture value chain.

Our initiatives touch on digital connectivity challenges from every corner of the agriculture value chain. The digitized flyers below provide summaries of activities that AgGateway has completed or is currently leading.

3. Case Studies 

AgGateway has made a significant difference all along the agriculture value chain, with connectivity projects that have improved business processes and farming practices. Employing current and emerging AgGateway tools, farmers and their trusted partners are better able to provide safe, abundant, and sustainably produced food for consumers. Click here to view a list of key success stories.

4. Current Offerings and Planned Work 

AgGateway has a portfolio of solutions ready for implementation that continue to be improved, as well as a wide range of projects in various states of development and implementation. This link provides a laundry list of our current work. 

This page is designed to give you an idea of the breadth and depth of the work underway at AgGateway. We are open to more partnerships, ideas, and membership growth as the importance of digital connectivity continues to grow. Thank you again for stopping by, and we look forward to future collaboration.