Supply Chain

Supply Chain

Many AgGateway activities are related to streamlining business process operations to boost efficiency, accuracy and productivity, including:

  • Price sheets, sales reporting, ordering, delivery, invoicing and inventory management, etc.

Other activities are related to tracking product or sharing accurate data on product lines.

Below is a description of some current activities. 

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Current projects underway to create new digital resources include:

Ag Retail Connectivity Planning: Ag retail members in North America and other interested members have been following up on the successful “Quick Connect” sessions to explore other opportunities for trading partners to meet and establish concrete plans for implementation. They are encouraging implementation through promotion to the industry, including this video featuring multiple companies that have benefited from making digital connections. 

Crop Protection Connectivity in Canada: AgGateway is working to use digital connectivity to increase efficiency and accuracy of orders-to-sales reporting. By implementing digital connections between crop protection product manufacturers, distributors and retailers, companies can greatly improve the order process, often with direct and significant impact on the bottom line. By working to create digital connectivity between trading partners, the project is streamlining crop protection supply chains and creating an industry standard for messaging tools and web services. Endorsed by CropLife Canada, the Canadian connectivity project builds on AgGateway’s successful and proven approach, which is already in wide use in the U.S. crop protection industry. (See this flyer.)

Dispensing Work Order (Mix Ticket): Several AgGateway member companies in North America that produce fertilizer blending equipment have developed a first version of a standard for dispensing work orders and work records. The end goal is to speed up data exchange between blending equipment and a company’s back office accounting processes. The work order specifies amounts and sources of inputs into a blending operation as well as the output locations. The group is working on refinements to the standard.

Product Catalog API: Some cooperatives in North America are offering branded online store services to their retail members and customers. Crop protection and seed manufacturers wanted to ensure that such online stores have complete, accurate and up-to-date information in their product catalogs. To address this issue, an AgGateway team has completed version one of an API (Application Programming Interface) definition for the management of product catalog data. Several businesses are currently implementing catalogs using the API, which focuses on data for crop protection products. As a next step, AgGateway team participants plan to onboard additional crop protection members and expand the API to include seed and nutrition products. The API is an AgGateway members-only resource. AgGateway members can access it on AgGateway GitHub repository. Others interested can contact AgGateway Member Services at learn more about AgGateway membership. (See press release here.) 

Traceability: Teams in North America and Europe are looking at numerous points in the supply chain to improve digital connections for traceability, including seeding, crop protection and grain traceability. A sub-group is looking at mapping the linkage between agricultural data sets at the farmer, retailer, processor and up- and downstream channel partner levels. The industry needs the ability to clearly and consistently track product, and link data sets to achieve supply chain transparency, sound farm business management and consumer confidence.

AgGateway members can find additional information on the AgGateway wiki. Want to get involved in any of these activities, or pursue a new activity? Contact Member Services at or +1 (866) 251-8618.