Portfolio Management Center Helps Working Groups Achieve Success

Portfolio Management Center

Portfolio Management Center Helps Working Groups Achieve Success

By Dan Berne, AgGateway Portfolio Manager

The AgGateway Portfolio Management Center is up and running, facilitating and advising Working Groups, which are the engines of value creation in AgGateway. The Portfolio Management team provides members insights into best practices, templates and guidance to ensure they are making progress. These tools and templates remove administrative burdens from team members, allowing them to be more efficient as they focus on solving real-world issues.

The center’s team consists of AgGateway staff and member volunteers. Current members include Brent Kemp (AgGateway Executive VP and COO), Dan Berne (AgGateway Portfolio Manager), Jacob Crow (GROWMARK, North American Region), Conny Graumans (AgGateway, European Region), and Guilherme Gonsales Panes (Jacto, Latin America Region).

“Our role is to make it easy and efficient for members to launch, manage, and complete their digital asset deliverables, in accordance with AgGateway’s digital resource development process,” said Berne.

The center proactively reports key project data (e.g., project schedule, resources, budgets, variances and issues). Portfolio-view dashboard reports provide a public view of key work activities, helping to promote AgGateway to the industry. The center uses Smartsheet, a cloud-based portfolio management system, to track project status and automatically update reports. While the Smartsheet tool is used primarily by the Portfolio Management team, overview training for all AgGateway members will be launched later this month.

AgGateway members can view the Portfolio Management Center activities, templates and dashboards on the AgGateway wiki (make sure you’re logged in to view the dashboard).