Working together, the Precision Ag Councill is enabling the industry to collaboratively identify, develop and promote a set of global industry standards, guidelines and implementation practices for precision ag, with specific focus on the standards required to facilitate data sharing among value chain partners. Having and utilizing these standards will allow industry partners to more rapidly develop and innovate around the precision agriculture and decision support systems concept.


  • Facilitate the development of industry standards, guidelines and implementation protocols to enhance the ability of end users to capture the value of the precision technologies and systems. 
  • Review the current state of the industry encompassing the entire precision ag value chain, and identify issues and opportunities for collaboration.

Goals & Objectives

  • Accelerate the adoption of precision ag technologies and services by determining standards and guidelines to be identified, developed, adopted, implemented or enhanced. 
  • Establish collaboration between equipment manufacturers, software suppliers, crop input suppliers and agronomic services providers to identify, change, manage and adopt standards and business processes that address the precision ag data issues that limit systems interoperability. This will ensure the producer (farmer) and value chain partners achieve the highest levels of efficiency, cost reductions and profitability. 
  • Engage other global standards organizations to leverage their work and enhance the overall standard development and business processes.
Goals: The council has identified 9 goals to work towards during the next 3 years. The council plans to focus on three of these goals for 2017.
  1. Increased participation within the working groups and projects of PAC members. Also, work to engage others council members with the work of the PAC.
  2. Identify pain points beyond data sharing that need to be addressed to facilitate eBusiness communication.
  3. Create an Implementation Toolkit to guide members through the implementation process of standards, API’s, and ADAPT.
Current Activities
  1. SPADE3 Project. Working to complete the 3rd phase of development. SPADE teams have documented the following field operations: Planting, Harvest (Mechanical & Non-Mechanical), and Crop Protection. Work continues for CART (grain movement), Crop Nutrition, Reference Data API, Regulator Reporting, Scouting, and WAVE (Telematics).  Implementation Guidelines are critical for the success of the SPADE work and this area will be a key focus area throughout the completion of the project. 
  2. PAIL Project. Working on one standard that will be developed in three parts for submission to industry standard organizations like ABASE. Part 1, included business processes, identification, and controlled vocabularies was presented to the Standards & Guidelines Committee in December 2016. The second part of the standard will be Observations and Measurement; it is progressing well with plans to present to the Standards & Guidelines Committee in early 2017.

Precision Ag Resources

Link to the ADAPT page

Link to the SPADE page

Link to PAIL (Irrigation Project) 

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