The Strategic Board

The Strategic Board (or “Board of Directors”) is comprised of nine members selected by AgGateway voting members, one vote per member company. It is accountable to the full membership and is responsible for the organization’s management and affairs.


  • Setting strategic direction for AgGateway.
  • Approving AgGateway’s annual budget and providing for audits of the corporation’s books.
  • Establishing and approving the organization’s policies and procedures.
  • Approving the creation and/or dissolution of councils.
  • Establishing guiding principles for councils and for the conduct of council projects.
  • Providing direction to the Operational Management Board and AgGateway staff.
  • Actively participating in AgGateway conferences and meetings.
  • Communicating Strategic Board actions and activities to the Organizational Management Board.
  • Providing a liaison to the Operational Board to facilitate consistent communications between the two AgGateway boards.

Each board member is expected to:

  • Serve as an ambassador and advocate for AgGateway, within the AgGateway organization and within the agriculture industry. 
  • Serve as the primary liaison between the council and the board.
  • Bring objective, professional perspective and collaborative spirit to board meetings.

Election and Terms of Service

  • Strategic Board members are elected by AgGateway voting members, one vote per member company.
  • Any voting member company can make a nomination, but only one nomination per cycle per company, to be submitted by the company’s primary or secondary contact.
  • The Executive Committee acts as a nomination committee, reviewing candidate eligibility and presenting the slate of candidates to the board.
  • The slate must be approved unanimously by the current board before voting by the membership.
  • No more than one person from any member company can concurrently serve on the board.
  • Officers serve for 3 years.
  • Terms are staggered so that only one-third of the directors’ terms expire each year. (The 2017 board includes members elected to one, two and three-year terms to begin staggered terms.)
  • The AgGateway CEO is an ex officio member. The COO may attend and participate at all board meetings but has no voting powers.

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