Organizational Structure

Our Organizational Structure

AgGateway is composed of a Strategic Board of Directors (“The AgGateway Board of Directors”), an Operational Management Board, councils, committees, and various task forces and working groups as required.

The Strategic Board

The Strategic Board (or “Board of Directors”) is comprised of nine members selected by AgGateway voting members, one vote per member company. It is accountable to the full membership and is responsible for the organization’s management and affairs.

  • Setting strategic direction for AgGateway.
  • Approving AgGateway’s annual budget and providing for audits of the corporation’s books.
  • Establishing and approving the organization’s policies and procedures.
  • Approving the creation and/or dissolution of councils.
  • Establishing guiding principles for councils and for the conduct of council projects.
  • Providing direction to the Operational Management Board and AgGateway staff.
  • Providing a liaison to the Operational Board to facilitate consistent communications between the two AgGateway boards.
  • See more in document in sidebar, “More on Strategic Board.”

The Operational Board

The Operational Management Board (OMB) is responsible for the ongoing day-to-day management of AgGateway and is accountable to the AgGateway membership. Board voting members are comprised of one member from each active council (designated by that council) plus the AgGateway EVP/Chief Operating Officer.

  • Set annual goals and objectives for AgGateway and ensure alignment with the AgGateway strategic plan.
  • Oversee the organization’s operational finances and recommend annual budgets to the Strategic Board of Directors.
  • Enter into contracts and monitor performance against them through AgGateway executive staff.
  • Maintain and/or recommend changes to AgGateway’s Policies and Procedures as necessary.
  • Recommend creation (via charter) and/or dissolution of councils as necessary.Promote AgGateway membership and participation in council projects.
  • Provide oversight to AgGateway committees and their operations.
  • Appoint committee chairpersons and assist with recruiting committee members.
  • Act as council liaisons for the councils.
  • See more in document in sidebar, “More on Operational Board.”


Councils provide the structure for members to prioritize and implement common eConnectivity solutions in a specific area. Each council operates according to its charter and governance document, and maintains autonomy and control over its voting membership, priorities and projects. Members declare which council they will participate in upon joining AgGateway.

Councils are formed when a group of companies set down eConnectivity purpose and goals (a charter) for a particular area, and that charter is approved by the Strategic Board. See more about council roles and responsibilities here.

We currently have more than 200 member companies working within eight councils (each member belongs to at least one council):


Committees help AgGateway focus on its mission and vision. Committees are staffed and led by volunteers from the councils. They may be formed (via committee charter), consolidated or de-commissioned at the discretion of the Strategic Board. Committee chairpersons and vice-chairpersons are appointed by the OMB. Each council must have at least one representative on each committee.

Current committees include:

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