The Architecture Committee examines the big picture of how AgGateway and its members are executing the mission to enable and expand the use of eBusiness. In the past, decisions about technologies and best practices for implementing AgGateway Open Standards were made by individual AgGateway project teams. With rapidly changing technology options, more types of standards and guidelines, and cross-industry and standards group collaboration requirements, the Architecture Committee will allow AgGateway to proceed in a more formal and consistent manner on these issues. 

The committee identifies best practices and the best technologies to support the business imperative of eBusiness. This, in turn, serves to create greater alignment between the technical aspects of AgGateway’s standards and guidelines and the business concerns that they’re designed to address. The main work of the committee is to identify and document architectural patterns and best practices to support eBusiness implementation efforts now and in the future.


The Architecture Committee's mission is to be AgGateway's primary source of architecture-related resources supporting AgGateway projects and other activities, to provide education on architecture-related topics, and to communicate to AgGateway's leadership best practices for technology adoption.

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