The committee seeks to communicate to members, potential members and the industry the benefits of involvement in AgGateway and eBusiness. The committee is responsible for managing the monthly newsletter, website and social media, as well as reviewing and contributing to annual communications plans. 

The committee is involved in all efforts to spread the word about upcoming activities, AgGateway successes and future projects. We also provide support to councils and other AgGateway groups, particularly to the membership and conference committees.

Join Us or Contribute

New members to the committee are always welcome. In addition, you can bring any ideas, issues or requests to the committee for our support and action. We work closely with the AgGateway Communications Director to make sure AgGateway activities are shared with the membership and with the industry.

Social Media Task Force

The Social Media Task Force regularly posts messages on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+; our focus is on Twitter and LinkedIn. Please Follow and Join on these platforms, and join AgGateway's LinkedIn Group. 

Content: Our social media content comes from all councils, committees, members and newsletter articles. Part of keeping relevant content on social media is getting the fresh updates and the latest information from all of you. Types of messages can include: 

  • Accomplishments 
  • Releases of documentation 
  • Progress on connectivity work 
  • Updates on Council or Group work 
  • Any ag-related content that interests you 
  • What's happening in the ag industry 
  • Conference experiences or upcoming conferences of note. 

Send your AgGateway messages to post at Social@AgGateway.org!

Communications Resources

AgGateway Wiki

Communications Committee Wiki

You must be a member to access some areas of the Wiki. Contact Member Services at Member.Services@AgGateway.org for more information..

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