The Operational Board

The Operational Management Board (OMB) is responsible for the ongoing day-to-day management of AgGateway and is accountable to the AgGateway membership.

Election and Terms of Service

Board voting members are comprised of one member from each active council (designated by that council) plus the AgGateway EVP/Chief Operating Officer. Other corporate officers may participate in OMB meetings but not vote. OMB representatives must be employees or official representatives of voting member companies. Directors are appointed for a two-year term, with terms staggered to provide consistency in the management. No member company may have more than one person serving on the OMB concurrently. The OMB elects its chair and vice-chair to serve for the fiscal year.


  • Set annual goals and objectives for AgGateway and ensure alignment with the AgGateway strategic plan.
  • Enter into contracts and monitor performance against them through AgGateway executive staff.
  • Maintain and/or recommend changes to AgGateway’s Policies and Procedures as necessary.
  • Recommend creation (via charter) and/or dissolution of councils as necessary.
  • Promote AgGateway membership and participation in council projects.
  • Review council project charters for compliance with guiding principles and monitor project status.
  • Provide oversight to AgGateway committees and their operations.
  • Appoint committee chairpersons and assist with recruiting committee members.
  • Act as council liaisons for the councils.
  • Officially represent AgGateway in the industry.
  • Oversee the organization’s operational finances and recommend annual budgets to the Strategic Board of Directors.
  • Maintain regular communications with the membership.
  • Appoint a Strategic Board representative/liaison to attend Strategic Board meetings as a non-voting participant.
  • See also position description on the AgGateway Wiki.


The OMB is authorized to execute all financial matters that are approved in the budgeting process or as authorized by the Strategic Board. The OMB is the first level of escalation on any issues that the operating committees or councils are unable to decide; the Strategic Board is the final level of escalation if the OMB is unable to resolve the issue.

Member Services

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