This committee is charged with establishing policies and procedures in the operation of the Ag Industry Identification System (AGIIS), which is the industry-recognized repository of common entity and product information. This includes evaluating, prioritizing and executing enhancements; responding to subscriber and project requests; and overseeing the maintenance and care of the data in the directory.

Voting membership of the Oversight Committee consists of council representatives and At Large members, each of whom serve three year terms. Representatives of the AgGateway staff and AGIIS database hosting company sit on the committee as non-voting members. Non-voting advisory positions may also be created as needed.

Representatives should be current users familiar with AGIIS and must be from a subscribing company. Each AgGateway council may appoint up to two representatives to the committee. At Large members are nominated by the committee and approved by the membership. In the interests of conducting business efficiently, meetings and conference calls are open only to committee members or invitees. Interested parties who would like to attend a meeting should obtain permission from the Chair prior to that meeting, with the understanding that their participation may be limited.

AGIIS Plans for 2019 

  • Leverage the improvements made to the system by the AGIIS Modernization enhancement. This will be done by evaluating and implementing user suggested enhancements, which include: 
    • Modifications to the AGIIS User Interface which will improve the user experience including navigation and accessibility to data.
    • Creation of Restful Application Program Interfaces (APIs), which will provide subscribers with more options to integrate AGIIS into their internal systems; especially allied providers working with ag retailers.
    • Creation of new return file formats for AGIIS extracts such as Excel spreadsheets and JSON, which will improve a subscriber’s ability to integrate with eConnectivity  messages. 
  • Continue to evaluate and implement rules to enable field level identification for supply chain, field operations and regulatory processes, to enable the capability to efficiently cross-reference information – supporting data availability and traceability throughout the agriculture chain.
  • Expand the use of the AGIIS Product Directory to support retail and agronomy needs and requirements.  
  • Execute our normal de-duplication, maintenance and the redundant back-up process to ensure a high quality and high availability of the AGIIS tool to all users at all times.

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