AGIIS Updates

AGIIS Annual Maintenance Starts December 3

By Chris Crutchfield, Member Services Program Manager

The Ag Industry Identification System (AGIIS) is the industry’s trusted source for obtaining unique identifiers and common data elements to support e-business transactions. AgGateway recognizes that the industry relies on good data quality and integrity to facilitate e-business. For this reason, it is essential that established rules in AGIIS are enforced on the front-end, and that maintenance activities are performed annually to maintain data quality and preserve data integrity.

To serve these responsibilities, AgGateway will be conducting AGIIS annual maintenance activities over two weekends in December. Beginning Saturday, December 3, maintenance will be performed to apply address standardization, locatable address conversion system (LACS) updates, national change of address (NCOA) updates, and a city/state review.

On Saturday, December 17, maintenance will be performed to identify duplicate entities in AGIIS. Duplicate records will be inactivated, and a surviving record will be identified using pre-established survivorship prioritization rules set by the AGIIS Directory Oversight Committee.

To keep synchronized with AGIIS and trading partners, subscribers will need to apply changes that result from these maintenance activities. Subscribers that receive update extracts will receive their normal update extract on Saturday, December 3 and Saturday, December 17. Updates that result from the maintenance activities will be sent out on Sunday, December 4, and Sunday, December 18. As an additional file is being provided, subscribers will need to plan to consume these additional files and apply the updates to their internal systems. More about synchronizing with AGIIS can be found in the AGIIS Synchronization White Paper on the AgGateway website.

To help subscribers plan for these maintenance activities, a communication plan is in place. On November 21, a communication was sent to all AGIIS subscribers detailing the maintenance activities being performed and the dates of each. One week prior to each scheduled maintenance, subscribers will receive a reminder communication.

Questions regarding AGIIS annual maintenance or synchronizing with AGIIS and/or your trading partners, can be directed to Member Services at or at +1 (866) 251-8618.