2022 December Newsletter

2022 December Volume 16  Number 11

From the President

2022: A Productive Year, Thanks to You

By Brent Kemp, AgGateway President and CEO

It’s hard to believe the year is almost over. Starting at the North America Annual Meeting and Conference last month and continuing at our Europe and Latin America regional year end meetings later this month, these year-end gatherings offer opportunities to reflect on accomplishments, recognize volunteer efforts, and refine our ideas and priorities for the year to come. We also have a chance to rest (another good “r” word) for a short while before the new year comes around. Read more >

Members Embrace “Create, Engage, Grow – 2.0” At Productive Annual Conference

This year’s Annual Conference in Florida was more than an annual meeting. Beyond the usual “roll up your sleeves” working meetings and strategy sessions, it was a celebration of significant accomplishments from the year past, and real excitement for the year ahead.

“Conference Week highlighted the hard work our members have completed over the past twelve months to continue to improve data interoperability,” says North American Director and COO Jeremy Wilson. “The work they have planned for the next year will push our industry forward in the drive to digital agriculture.” Read more >

AgGateway Awards Recognize Individuals for Outstanding Work and Dedicated Service

At a special ceremony during the Annual Conference last month, AgGateway presented awards to member volunteers who have demonstrated outstanding dedication and service to the organization and its mission to enable seamless digital connectivity in agriculture. Read more >

Post-Conference Portfolio Update

By Ben Craker, AgGateway Portfolio Manager

Getting together in person in Florida last month certainly brought out the best in our work. We had a great series of sessions at the Annual Conference in Clearwater, and the sentiment from everyone present was that it was great to put aside Zoom and GoTo and get back together again.

Nearly every Working Group and Subcommittee had a session at the conference. Most sessions consisted of a quick update on status and progress made over the year for anyone in the audience that had not been directly involved, then quickly jumped in to work on the deliverables. If you are interested in reviewing any of the slides, including the overall update on the complete portfolio of working groups, they will all be posted to the wiki. Read more >

AGIIS Annual Maintenance Starts December 3

By Chris Crutchfield, Member Services Program Manager

The Ag Industry Identification System (AGIIS) is the industry’s trusted source for obtaining unique identifiers and common data elements to support e-business transactions. AgGateway recognizes that the industry relies on good data quality and integrity to facilitate e-business. For this reason, it is essential that established rules in AGIIS are enforced on the front-end, and that maintenance activities are performed annually to maintain data quality and preserve data integrity. Read more >

Board of Directors, Committee Leaders Announced for 2023

The results of the 2022 elections were unveiled during the AgGateway Business Meeting at the Annual Conference last month in Clearwater, Florida, which finalizes the individuals who will provide leadership to the organization both globally and at a regional level next year. Read more >

AgGateway Signs on as Supporting Organization for Vision Conference

AgGateway is an official supporting organization of The VISION Conference, which is being held January 17-18, 2023, at the Renaissance Phoenix Glendale Hotel in Arizona. The VISION Conference convenes leaders from across the rapidly expanding agtech ecosystem with a singular goal: To shape the strategic roadmap for building a sustainable food value system to feed the world. Read more >