2022 January/February Newsletter

2022 January/February Volume 16  Number 1

AgGateway Staff

View From the Top: AgGateway’s New Leadership Tandem Share Thoughts on the Year Ahead

The new year brought with it new leadership at the top for AgGateway, as Brent Kemp ascended to President and CEO from his former role as Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, and Jeremy Wilson was hired to fill Brent’s open position in the organization.

Both have extensive experience working with AgGateway and have seen it grow and mature from multiple perspectives, including grower, retailer, trusted adviser, and member company. This unique combination of talent and experience is poised to lead AgGateway as an enabling driver of value-rich interoperability in ag technology.

In this article, Brent and Jeremy share their perspectives and reflections on their new roles and aspirations for AgGateway: Read more >

Portfolio Management Center

February 2022 Working Group Round-Up and 2022 Priorities

2022 looks to be another busy year for AgGateway Working Groups. There are four Working Groups who were active in 2021 and who are scheduled to wind up activities in the first half of the year: Read more >

Press Release

Karen Oerter Joins AgGateway Board of Directors

AgGateway is pleased to announce that Karen Oerter has been appointed to the organization's Board of Directors. Oerter replaces Jeremy Wilson, who vacated the position to join AgGateway staff as Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer on January 1. She will serve a two-year term. Read more >

Member Services

My New Year’s Resolution – MyAgGateway!

I recently read an internet article that said that by the third Monday in January, most of us have already failed with our New Year’s resolutions. Unfortunately, I can relate. My goal to stay out of the refrigerator past 8:00 PM each night didn’t last more than a few nights. On the bright side, I’ve gotten some help with my resolution to be better organized in my professional life, with a new AgGateway resource: MyAgGateway. Read now >

New Member Profile

Tackling Traceability is Front of Mind as MyAgData Returns to AgGateway

AgGateway welcomes the return of MyAgData to the member ranks. Launched as a company in 2012, MyAgData's Field Portal application collects, translates, organizes, and delivers field data for crop insurance, farm programs, private insurance products, carbon capture, crop traceability and food safety. MyAgData is also the first and only commercial provider of digital acreage reports, which was designed to help farmers avoid the pain point of time-consuming, manual compilation and delivery of FSA field documentation. Read more >

Network and Engage

AgGateway Mentors Help Ensure our New Volunteers are in it for the Long Haul

When you first joined AgGateway, did you have questions about how things worked, or how to get involved?

If so, now’s your chance to help a colleague who is new to AgGateway feel welcome and participate! In the process, you can expand your circle of AgGateway colleagues and potentially help move initiatives forward that are of common interest to you and your mentee. Read more >

AgGateway Resources

New to AgGateway? Attend our Quarterly Orientation Webinar

If you are new to AgGateway and would like to learn more about the organization, how we work collaboratively to address the challenges of the Ag industry, we encourage you to join our AgGateway orientation webinar!

Date: Tuesday, March 8

Time: 10:00 AM Chicago / 2:00 PM São Paulo / 5:00 PM Paris

This one-hour webinar will be conducted in English and the session will be recorded. If you are unable to attend, Member Services will provide a link to the recorded presentation upon request.

To register, use this registration link. We look forward to having you on the call!

Questions? Contact Member Services at +1 (866) 251-8618, or Member.Services@AgGateway.org.