2020 October Newsletter

2020 October Volume 14  Number 8


Annual Conference

Register Now for Virtual Annual Conference, November 16-19

We're excited to provide a robust virtual Annual Conference experience November 16-19. Join us! Registration is now open!

Conference highlights include:

  • Keynote speaker Iain Lennon, Director of Product Management for Proagrica. Lennon leads product strategy and R&D for Proagrica, and will speak to data and analytics solutions that combine data from agronomic, enterprise and supply chain systems.
  • General session speaker Dan Kelly, founder of The Negotiator Guru. Kelly is a global thought leader in advanced negotiation and IT strategic sourcing. His State of the CIO podcast is a platform for global IT leaders to discuss the changing role of technology in the business world.
  • Additional General Sessions that hit on state-of-the-industry topics in digital agriculture, including an update from AgGateway President & CEO Wendy Smith and AgGateway Chair Jeremy W. Wilson on AgGateway’s 2021 and 5-year plans.
  • IoT for Field Operations Data: Two sessions that discuss the use of IoT agriculture field data, and challenges and business opportunities for successful application. Open discussion of pinch points and the challenges organizations are facing.Session 1 is informational, while Session 2 aims to generate ideas for AgGateway working groups to collaborate on data interoperability solutions.
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Strategic Plan

Board Presents 2021 and 5-Year Plans to the Membership

The AgGateway Board of Directors has presented 1-year and 5-year plans for the organization to the membership, and is welcoming comments over the next few days (before final board review on October 13). The plans include strategic objectives for the months and years ahead, as well as a more detailed, tactical plan and budget for 2021.

A copy of the taped presentation is available to members on the AgGateway wiki, along with a space to post comments. Read more >


AgGateway Activities

Update from the Portfolio Management Center

Here are a few updates from the Portfolio Management Center. We welcome member involvement in AgGateway activities!

A Refreshed Look at Dashboards:

We are updating the Portfolio dashboards to provide a richer view into the working groups. In addition to project status, we will be showing a working group's value proposition, key deliverables and up-to-date highlights from each group. We can even provide links to training or other videos from the dashboard. Read more >

AGIIS Update

Development Hours Available – Submit your Ideas to Improve AGIIS!

Each year, the Ag Industry Identification System (AGIIS) has an allotted amount of development hours dedicated to making database improvements. As we approach the final quarter of 2020, we still have developmental hours at our disposal to enhance AGIIS. This being the case, we would love to hear your suggestions to improve the AGIIS directory. If you are an AGIIS subscriber, I would ask you to consider what improvements can be made to improve your interactions with AGIIS? Read more >