2021 April Newsletter

2021 April Volume 15  Number 3


AgGateway Meetings

No Formal Mid-Year Meeting this Year; Hold the Week of June 14 for Educational Opportunities

Due to member feedback on continuing travel restrictions, AgGateway has decided not to hold an in-person Mid-Year Meeting in June this year. Further feedback from members indicates that a welcome approach this June will be a series of free educational and informational webinars, allowing members to pick and choose their experience. Read more >



Seeking Sustainability? Get Connected!

When you consider the sustainability challenges facing agriculture, it’s immediately clear how important digital connections have become. You need digital exchange of information:

  • To understand the movement and use of products.
  • To respond to demands from consumers and regulators.
  • And to help farmers make the best possible decisions day-to-day, year-to-year. Read more >


Portfolio Management Center

April 2021 Working Group Round-Up

Here’s a brief summary of Working Group activities this month, starting with the latest news. Read more >


AgGateway Resources

New ADAPT Releases

On March 17 AgGateway issued two ADAPT-related releases from the ADAPT Oversight Committee. Here are the summary statements:

  • ADAPT ISOv4Plugin v3.3.0: Added ContextItem import/export to ISO11783-10 Annex E Links/Link Groups
  • ADAPT Framework v2.3.1: Added related members to Representation assembly classes from 2.3.0 RepresentationSystem additions
Read more >


Latin America

Latin American Region Leverages Ag Lab Data Standards Work

AgGateway’s Ag Laboratory Data working group has been refining the Modus testing model as a basis for a lab soil testing data standard. That work is now being leveraged into a new working group focused on AgGateway’s Latin American region. Ronaldo Oliviera from the Empresa Brasileira de Pesquisa Agropecuária (EMPRAPA) is the AgGateway lead for this effort. Ronaldo is a member of the Ag Laboratory Data working group and provides a coordinating bridge between the two working groups. Corina Ardelean (Chair for the Ag Laboratory Data working group) and Andres Ferreyra (Agrisemantics Chair) are lending their expertise as the regional working group gets started. Read more >


Crop Protection Product Usage: Reference Data Model

One of the results of the FarmInputs initiative in AgGateway’s Europe region (the Farm Inputs: Reference Data working group) is a reference data model about all data related to the use of crop protection products. Read more >

AGIIS Update

AGIIS User Profile Clean Up: Minor Task or Major Catastrophe?

Those of us who live in the Midwest in the United States are all too familiar with the frightening sounds of a tornado siren or an emergency alert signal coming from your TV, radio or smartphone. I experienced this fright recently as I was wrapping up a workday at home. Coming out of nowhere, I heard the emergency signal interrupt regular programming on the living room TV. Then the tornado sirens began to wail outside, and I felt my phone vibrate frantically in my pocket. I thought, “Well, it’s springtime in Kansas,” and figured I had better find out what was going on. Read more >

Industry Events

AgGateway is Proud to be Partnering With or Presenting at these Upcoming Events

Tech Hub LIVE Conference & Expo – July 20-21, Des Moines, Iowa, USA From seed to retail, advancements in digital and precision technology systems present exciting new opportunities to capitalize on. Tech Hub LIVE is a full-spectrum event broadly addressing the issues and market segments in data-driven precision agriculture and digital technology, with particular focus on the Midwestern United States. The forum aims to bring together the suppliers, practitioners, and technology enablers who are leading this evolution and empowering the future of agriculture. Tech Hub LIVE is more than an event—it’s a community. Sign up to receive Tech Hub LIVE updates at www.techhublive.com.

Women in Agribusiness Summit – September 21-23, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. (Virtual Option Available) – The Summit provides the latest on industry trends and outlooks in an interactive forum, as well as the opportunity to network with the sector’s most influential executives and decision-makers. WIA is an international community of women who are passionate about agribusiness and sharing industry knowledge to help professional women know their business better. Enjoy content, networking, and camaraderie.

Questions? Contact Member Services at +1 (866) 251-8618, or Member.Services@AgGateway.org.