2021 January/February Newsletter

2021 January/February Volume 15  Number 1


Product Catalog

AgGateway Releases Helpful API for Managing Online eCommerce Product Catalogs

AgGateway has completed version one of an API (Application Programming Interface) definition for the management of product catalog data, which assists cooperatives and companies in creating catalogs to offer branded online store services to their retail members and customers. AgGateway contributors – which include cooperatives, crop protection companies, seed manufacturers, and others – wanted to ensure that online eCommerce platforms have complete and accurate information in their product catalogs. Read more >



AgGateway and AEF Align To Deliver Digital Solutions for Agriculture

AgGateway and the Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation (AEF) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to collaborate on initiatives to increase the seamless exchange of information in farm operations, supporting the goals of growers in managing and using farm data. The agreement allows the two global, non-profit organizations to share information as needed to pursue agreed-upon projects, and to share the rights for resources they develop together. Read more >



ADAPT Team Releases New Version of Framework and ISOXML Plugin

On January 25, AgGateway’s ADAPT technical team (part of the ADAPT Oversight Committee) released a new version of the ADAPT Framework and ISO Plugin. They are available today on GitHub and Nuget at no cost. Read more >

Welcome New Member

Traction Seeks to Broaden Integration and Interoperability

AgGateway welcomes Traction, a startup FMIS provider dedicated to software technology for improving financial processes, operational records and agronomy information. While Traction was formed in March 2020, for more than 25 years the team that formed the company has helped farmers around the globe with farm accounting, field operations, precision farming data, agronomy, soil sampling and other farm-related data. Read more >


Portfolio Management Center

Working Group Round-Up

Here’s a brief summary of Working Group activities. First, I’m happy to announce a new group, WG08: ADAPT In-Field Product ID Plugins. The group is addressing a gap in identification and tracking the planting of seed and application of crop protection products on a grower’s field. This is especially true when a grower buys multiple brands of seeds. A new ADAPT plug-in and enhancements to the ISO plug-in are needed in order to address this gap. The new group’s goal is to fund and manage the development of an ADAPT plugin that enables the traceability of products shipped from a retailer and used during field operations. The initial use case is related to seed planting, with a pilot during spring planting 2021. We anticipate capabilities for crop protection potentially during the summer timeframe. Read more >

AgGateway Webinars

Global Standards for Data Sharing in Agriculture

AgGateway will hold the second in a two-part webinar series on Global Standards for Data Sharing in Agriculture on 10 February at 8:00 AM Chicago/11:00 AM São Paulo/3:00 PM Paris. The first session, which was recorded and is now posted for viewing, focused on the role of standards and provided a review of key standards influencers. The upcoming webinar will focus on integration levels and the standards that apply.

To register for the second session, use this registration link.

To view the first session, access the recorded presentation or presentation deck, below:

Thank you for your participation!

AGIIS Update

Take the Time to Consider New Beginnings

Over the past few years, I’ve made it a practice in the New Year to set aside time to reflect on activities of the prior year and plan for things to come in the months ahead. This little exercise has proven to be beneficial for me both personally and professionally. It provides the opportunity to analyze what could be improved from the past so I can be better prepared for the future. Read more >

AgGateway Meetings

New Meeting Agenda Item for Antitrust Guidance

If you’ve attended an AgGateway meeting or call, you’ve heard the leader reference the antitrust guidelines and direct that all attendees adhere to that guidance. But over time, different versions of this antitrust reminder have developed. So as a matter of best practice, staff is sharing some wording that all leaders should use moving forward. Read more >

Industry Events

Tech Hub LIVE Launches July 2021

Meister Media Worldwide, familiar for its CropLife and PrecisionAg brands, is holding its inaugural Tech Hub LIVE Conference & Expo, July 20-21, 2021, at the Iowa Events Center in Des Moines, Iowa, USA. AgGateway is pleased to be a supporting organization for the Tech Hub LIVE Conference & Expo. Read more >

AgGateway Resources

New to AgGateway? Join This Orientation Call

If you are new to AgGateway and would like to learn more about the organization, how we work collaboratively to address the challenges of the Ag industry, we encourage you to join our AgGateway orientation webinar!

Date: Thursday 11 March, 2021

Time: 2:00 PM Chicago / 4:00 PM São Paulo / 6:00 PM Paris

This one-hour webinar will be conducted in English and the session will be recorded. If you are unable to attend, Member Services will provide a link to the recorded presentation upon request.

To register, use this registration link. We look forward to having you on the call!

Questions? Contact Member Services at +1 (866) 251-8618, or Member.Services@AgGateway.org.