2020 July/August Newsletter

2020  July/August Volume 14  Number 6


Mid-Year Meeting

Thanks for a Successful Virtual Mid-Year Meeting

We’ve received a lot of positive feedback on AgGateway’s virtual Mid-Year Meeting, held over four days in early July! Thanks to all those who attended. If you missed a session or want to revisit one, recorded sessions are still available for viewing. This includes AgGateway President and CEO Wendy Smith, and Board Chair Jeremy W. Wilson on the current moment in time and opportunities for AgGateway; General Session speaker John Fulton of Ohio State University (see article this issue), Purdue OATS sessions on rural broadband, precision ag and more; AgGateway Chief Technology Officer Jim Wilson on interoperability; and much more! Read more >


Precision Ag

Dr. John Fulton Reviews Progress and Challenges in Digital Ag

Agriculture has made enormous digital strides in the past 5-10 years with real benefits to farmers, but challenges still remain, according to Dr. John Fulton with the Precision Ag Program at The Ohio State University. Fulton gave his review of digital ag trends in a general session presentation during AgGateway’s virtual Mid-Year Meeting in July. He examined what technologies are being used and what is still needed for in-field technology and grower-facing applications.

The “connected” farm is becoming more real each year, Fulton noted, adding that AgGateway is “one of the principal facilitators in helping us move into this more digital realm.” Fulton marveled at the advances made in planting, scouting, autonomous equipment and other areas over just the past few years. He noted that more than 90% of farmers report that they carry a digital device. Read more >


AGIIS Update

AGIIS Data Privacy Considerations

AgGateway’s Ag Industry Identification System (AGIIS) Directory Oversight Committee held a session at the Mid-Year Meeting focusing on data privacy regulations as it relates to the data in AGIIS. Clara Cottrell, Senior Counsel for Compliance and Privacy with BASF, was the guest presenter. Cottrell provided AGIIS subscribers valuable information to consider as data privacy regulation is beginning to impact how organizations manage their data. Read more >

Nikki Marshall (left) and Chris Crutchfield of the Member Services team.

Member Services

Frequently Asked Questions

During AgGateway’s virtual Mid-Year Meeting in July, Member Services was on hand virtually to help answer commonly asked questions by AgGateway members. I thought it would be helpful for me to provide some of those commonly asked questions and answers here.

Where do I find a calendar of AgGateway meetings and events?

One of our new resources is an updated calendar that has all AgGateway meetings as well as some ag industry related events. This calendar is on the AgGateway website under the Events and Education menu. You can access the calendar by clicking here. Read more >