2019 December Newsletter

December 2019   Volume 13  Number 11

AgGateway 2020

Driving Digital Solutions

It has been an extremely busy year at AgGateway. That’s because this has been our year to turn the idea of a new AgGateway into a reality. We started 2019 with an imperative from you, our membership. Our assignment was to establish AgGateway as the go-to source for digital agriculture. To do that, we knew we had to re-organize this association. We had to refresh our structure, so that we are more agile, and so we can foster cross-sector thinking and solutions. Read more >

Great Ideas

Have an Idea? Schedule a Meet-Up!

Did You Know? Starting right now as part of AgGateway 2020, when members want to meet to discuss a pain point or idea, or just to brainstorm on a topic or set of topics, they can ask Member Services to schedule a “Meet-Up”. A Meet-Up can be a conference call or face-to-face meeting to bring together AgGateway members who are interested in a specific topic, or to discuss pain points in a particular sector (e.g., crop nutrition, seed, etc.). Read more >


Thank You to 2019 Leadership!

A big thanks to all our 2019 leaders, many who are pictured here enjoying the Annual Conference in New Orleans. For a full list of 2019 leadership, see the back page of the Annual Report.


AgGateway Recognizes Leaders for Advances in Digital Agriculture

At the Annual Conference last month in New Orleans, AgGateway honored exemplary individuals who have made outstanding contributions in advancing the industry’s transition to digital agriculture. These digital solutions allow businesses to better access accurate information to maximize efficiency and productivity within their operations and with trading partners. Read more >

Portfolio Management Center

Welcome Dan Berne as Portfolio Manager

AgGateway is excited to welcome Dan Berne in the role of Portfolio Manager, leading up the new Portfolio Management Center. The Portfolio Manager is responsible for the content and management of the AgGateway work portfolio. Specifically, Dan will work to facilitate, manage and communicate the success of AgGateway working groups. He will work with a group of volunteer members on the Portfolio Management Team; Dan will be coordinating with member companies to identify candidates for that team. Read more >

Staff Postings

AgGateway Seeks Director of Member Relations and Content Manager

AgGateway is seeking to fill two positions on its staff: a Director of Member Relations and a Content Manager. Both are part-time contractor positions. Read more >

Digital Resources

Announcing Publication of AgGateway Open Standards 6.0

The Open Applications Group Inc. (OAGi) has published Chem eStandards version 6.0. Version 6.0 can be accessed here. (Download the zip file.)

Version 6.0 highlights:

  1. Correct minor discrepancies present in versions 4 through 5.4.
  2. Adjust naming and design rule implementation to support alignment with ISO 15000-5, which paves the way for OAGi Score use.
  3. Added six new messages to support seed-related processes in agriculture:

Read more >


Quick Synopsis of AgGateway’s Current Work

We recently prepared a high-level overview of AgGateway activities, which we distributed at the Annual Conference. This summary is project-specific – from ADAPT and Aerial Imagery to Seed Transfer and Traceability. It does not include ongoing great work being done by AgGateway committees and other groups. And if we’ve missed something, let us know! Find the flyer here.

If you are interested in learning more or getting involved in any of these activities, email us at Member.Services@AgGateway.org.

Annual Conference

Thank You Conference Sponsors!

Many thanks to the organizations who sponsored the 2019 AgGateway Annual Conference!

  • Titanium:  Bayer, Proagrica
  • Platinum:  AGDATA
  • Gold:  BASF
  • Silver:  AGCO, CF Industries, EFC Systems, MentorMate, Rosen’s Inc.
  • Other Conference Sponsors:  ACS, AgCIO Roundtable, ARMtech, Barcoding Inc., Brandt, CHS, Corteva, DXC, The Equity, GROWMARK, Key Cooperative, Land O’ Lakes, RiceTec, SSI, TKXS, Wilbur-Ellis.

AGIIS Update

AGIIS Subscribers:  Annual Maintenance Has Begun!

A series of annual maintenance activities will kick off this month to help ensure the data integrity within AgGateway’s Ag Industry Identification System (AGIIS). This maintenance often results in demographic changes to entities within a subscriber’s GLN or EBID subsets. Once each maintenance activity is completed, subscribers that maintain a subset will receive a separate Update file containing changes to entities in their subset. It is important for subscribers to apply these changes to their internal systems to stay synchronized with AGIIS and with fellow trading partners. Read more >