2022 June Newsletter

2022 June Volume 16  Number 5

Staff News

Ben Craker To Join AgGateway as Portfolio Manager

AgGateway is pleased to announce that Ben Craker is joining the organization as Portfolio Manager, effective June 12, 2022. Craker succeeds Dan Berne in this role, who retired from the organization on April 30.

The AgGateway Portfolio Manager is responsible for the content and management of the non-profit’s work portfolio, including the working groups that develop and maintain the organization’s digital resources. Existing resources include the AGIIS eBusiness Reference Database and the ADAPT precision agriculture toolkit. Read more >

From The President

Our Ability to Implement is Setting AgGateway Apart

By Brent Kemp, AgGateway President and CEO

I recently recorded a presentation for GS1’s 2022 Connect conference. Their keyword this year, perhaps appropriately, is Adapt. For those of you who know GS1 as a supply chain-oriented organization with a footprint in the healthcare, consumer retail, grocery, and food service segments, perhaps it’s a surprise that AgGateway would be invited to present. We’ve partnered with GS1 since 2008, and our B2B message implementation leverages GLNs for entity enumeration, and GTINs for product identification. Read more >

Member Services Update

Member Activities and AGIIS Updates at Mid-Year Meeting

For the first time in two years, AgGateway will be meeting in person for our Mid-Year Meeting, June 13-16 at Prairie Meadows Hotel and Casino in Altoona, IA! I am excited to announce that Member Services and the AGIIS team will be hosting several education and working sessions around AgGateway, AgGateway resources, and the Ag Industry Identification System (AGIIS). Read more >

Portfolio Management Center

Moving the Needle Digital on Connectivity at MYM

It’s Wednesday evening on May 11th, 2022, around 6:45 PM. You are about 36 hours into your work week, and it’s looking like this will be an 80-hour work week by Saturday night.

You normally work in a different role with a retailer, but during the busy spring season you are being sent to “a location” to “help out.” You got the call immediately after having driven 45 minutes to pick up seed at another location for a Grower who is in danger of running out by tomorrow afternoon. Read more >

Pre-Conference Workshop

Interactive Workshop Examines Cultural Barriers to Tech Adoption

Plan to arrive early on Monday, June 13 for this special 90-minute program, presented by Land O’Lakes. The session will start at 9:00 am.

When technology adoption stalls within an ag retail operation, the culprit often has more to do with the business itself rather than the technology. A lack of value understanding by key leadership, poor buy-in from the top, and misalignment of B2B opportunities with current processes can derail plans and cause disillusionment about new technology adoption among employees and managers. Read more >

Upcoming Events

Tech Hub LIVE Returns, Members Save on Registration

The second Tech Hub LIVE Conference and Expo arrives at the Indianapolis Convention Center July 19-21, and AgGateway is once again serving as a Supporting Organization of the event. Members can take advantage of a special discount offer and save nearly 25% on an All-Access Pass to the conference. Read more >