2022 April Newsletter

2022 April Volume 16  Number 3

View From the President

Marking Our Progress and Sharing Our Accomplishments

We are only three months into the new year, and AgGateway has already made great progress. As we ride what we hope will be the final downslide of the pandemic curve, we're seeing increased in-person activity happening alongside the virtual work that we've done so well for so long.

Staff and volunteers continue to push hard under the core focus areas of Create, Engage, and Grow. New working groups are spinning up. Europe-based members developed a charter for a potato provenance deliverable, with a first task to document field boundaries as understood and documented in the region. We recognize this particular subject has global visibility, and our COO, Jeremy Wilson, has special responsibility to align North American and European work in this area. Read more >

New Member Profile

Verdesian Life Sciences Looking Forward to Collaboration

AgGateway is pleased to welcome Verdesian Life Sciences as a new member.

Based in Cary, NC, and founded in 2012, Verdesian specializes in creating proprietary products that improve macro- and microfertilizer efficiency in targeted specialty, row crop, turf, and ornamental applications.

“As an R&D company, we’re committed to developing environmentally sustainable products that focus on solving problems that growers currently face,” says TJ Ashachik, Director of Sales Operations at Verdesian. “From patented biologicals and nutrients to inoculants, we want to bring products that improve nutrient efficiency while improving crop production. Read more >

Industry Outreach

Powering Innovation Through Digital Connectivity: AgGateway Shares Vision at Ag On the Mall Event

Last month, AgGateway leadership participated in a two-day “Celebration of Modern Agriculture on the National Mall” in Washington, DC, as a part of National Agriculture Day on March 22. Attending on behalf of the association were President and CEO Brent Kemp, along with Jeremy Wilson, Executive Vice President/COO and North American Director. Read more >

Portfolio Management Center

April 2022 Working Group Round-Up

AgGateway volunteers have made strides on key emerging projects, and moved forward on initiatives under established Steering Committees and Working Groups. Here’s a synopsis of progress through the first quarter of the year.

Field Boundary Standards.  Establishing standards for field identity and field boundaries has been a thorny issue in agriculture for years. There are multiple expressions of a field boundary that represent the same physical space, and this often varies based on who is providing the data, who needs that data, and under what circumstances. Read more >

AGIIS Update

Add AGIIS Cleanup to Your Spring To-Do List

As Spring rolls around, many of us find the urge to get our homes in order. My wife likes to declare a special weekend to do just this – she calls it our Spring Clean Weekend. It’s two solid days of completing those not-so-little tasks like power washing the deck, cleaning windows both inside and out, and cleaning out closets and drawers of clothes that no longer fit. Read more >

Latin America Update

Latin America Update: Strengthening Partnership with Embrapa

AgGateway and its associate member Embrapa Digital Agriculture recently met to discuss the challenges of digital agriculture, and to further strengthen the partnership between the two entities. AgGateway Regional Director José Alexandre Loyola spent time at the at the headquarters of Embrapa Agricultura Digital in Campinas/SP last month for a meeting with new Head of the organization, Stanley Oliveira. Read more >

Mid-Year Meeting

A Joyous Return to an In-Person Experience

Preliminary Agenda Set for 2022 Mid-Year Meeting

Planning is well underway for AgGateway’s 2022 Mid-Year Meeting, June 13-16 at Prairie Meadows in Altoona, IA. Registration opens soon, and a preliminary agenda can be found here.

We’re ready to celebrate the return of AgGateway’s Mid-Year Meeting as a 100% in-person experience for the first time in two years. We are pleased to be back at Prairie Meadows, which has provided the ultimate setting for hard work, collaboration, and good fun for meeting attendees. Read more >

Available Position at AgGateway

Portfolio Manager

AgGateway is seeking candidates to fill the role of Portfolio Manager, a contract position. The Portfolio Manager is responsible for the content and management of the AgGateway work portfolio, including the working groups that develop digital resources. The Portfolio Manager is also responsible for managing the tools used to capture, monitor, maintain, and report against such work. Read more >