AGIIS Update

Add AGIIS Cleanup to Your Spring To-Do List

By Chris Crutchfield, Member Services Program Manager

As Spring rolls around, many of us find the urge to get our homes in order. My wife likes to declare a special weekend to do just this – she calls it our Spring Clean Weekend. It’s two solid days of completing those not-so-little tasks like power washing the deck, cleaning windows both inside and out, and cleaning out closets and drawers of clothes that no longer fit.

There is one chore during Spring Clean Weekend that I insist happens first – the garage clean out. For me, this is the most important all. I love a clean and organized garage, and I don’t want to start any other project until the garage is in order.

When my garage is clean, with tools all put away in their rightful place, it helps me feel prepared to take on the next project around the house, because I know exactly where everything is. I can avoid spending time looking for the right tool or wasting a trip to the hardware store. I can’t tell you how many times I have make a trip to the hardware store later to find out I already had what was needed at home, but it just wasn’t where it belonged. The few hours I spend on this effort will pay dividends in time, hassle, and money saved as I run through the other Spring Clean Weekend chores.

Similarly, AgGateway’s AGIIS is an essential assortment of tools that requires annual maintenance. A fully optimized AGIIS system improves efficiency for everyone. To this end, we ask members of AgGateway’s AGIIS Community to perform their own version of Spring Clean Weekend, the results of which will pay dividends for all users.

We focus on two cleanup projects: AGIIS user profiles; and AGIIS product extracts.

  1. User Profiles:  AGIIS Subscriber Administrators – those responsible within their organization for maintaining AGIIS user profiles – received a communication on February 22 asking them to review their AGIIS user profiles. In this communication, we asked that users no longer employed or in a different role be inactivated or have their security settings updated. We also asked that email address and phone numbers be updated so they can be reached by phone or email if necessary, and so that when Member Services sends an important announcement or communication, it is successfully received.
  2. Product Abstracts:  On March 2, AGIIS users that receive a product extract received a communication requesting they review their product extract profiles. This communication asked users to suspend any product extract no longer being used, or to update the frequency of their extract to weekly or monthly if it is not required daily. There is good reason for this. Product extracts consume substantial system resources, and their delivery can be slowed as a result. If we can limit the number of extracts, especially those not being used daily, subscribers will see their product extract results get processed much faster.

We need all subscriber administrators and consumers of product extracts to act on these communications. Performing a bit of maintenance now, much like my Spring Clean Weekend, will save everyone time, energy, and resources down the road. If you need one of these communications resent, please reach out to Member Services. We will be happy to resend them and get you started on this essential project.